Earning a Master's Degree in Management Information Systems

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  Earning a Master's Degree in Management Information Systems Earning a Master's Degree in Management Information Systems

Everything you need to know about a master's degree program in managment information systems.


Overview of Master's Degree Programs in Management Information Systems

A wealth of information can be stored on computers, and today the majority of businesses use computers to store, organize and analyze important business information. A master's degree program in management information systems prepares an individual to take on a supervision position within information systems.The program focuses on teaching individuals management and computer skills, so the two can be effectively incorporated into a business.

Applicants to a business position who have earned a master's degree in an information related field have a leg up in the industry. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive, job applicants who have a graduate degree are more valued to employers. Some students pursue this degree in order to advance in their career and increase their salary potential. Other students are looking to switch careers entirely, and do not have a strong background in information technology.

This program typically lasts between one and three years, depending on the program you choose and whether you are attending school full-time or part-time. Various careers that one can pursue with a master's degree in management information systems include computer and information systems manager, computer consultant, 72 network and computer systems administrator and more.

Applying to a Master's Degree Program in Management Information Systems

Most master's degree programs in management information systems require applicants to submit a personal statement, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, transcripts, and two to five letters of recommendation. These materials help the admissions committee determine whether or not you are a good fit for the program. Some programs also require that applicants complete an on-campus or phone interview. This is done so that the admissions committee can help put a face (or voice) with the application and helps them to decide between two or more candidates with a similar academic background.

Regardless of if you have a background in information technology, you must have a strong academic record to be admitted to this program. Typically, the minimum GPA required for admittance to this program is 3.0. However, some grad schools will require a higher or lower minimum GPA.

How to Choose a Management Information Systems Master's Degree Program

Many programs follow the practitioner-based approach, which combines theory with applied practice. This is helpful because students that have hands-on experience in their field before entering into the position are desirable to employers. Theory is important not only in the technology courses, but also for the management courses.

Some programs are designed for students with a strong background in information technology who want to advance to a management position, while other programs are designed for business professionals who want to utilize information technology in their management practices. Others are not catered to a specific type of profession, but rather provide general knowledge on both IT and management principles. Read over the degree program description carefully to ensure that the programs you are applying for will help you meet your career goals.

Some students might need greater flexibility in their course schedules. For such students, taking classes part-time, on the evenings, weekends or online are all a great option. Not all master's degree programs in management information systems have these options in place, so it is important to first check with your prospective graduate schools to see if they offer the schedule you need. Online masters degree programs in management information systems offer students the chance to complete their assignments in their own time. Some programs provide a blended online learning curriculum in which students are required to attend classes on-campus for only part of their courses. Other programs can be completed through an online format.

What to Expect in a Master's Degree Program in Management Information Systems

The master's degree program in management information systems instructs students on how to operate a system of computer networks. Courses that may be taken for this degree program include database design and applications, information systems development, information systems security, data storage and security, internet computing, management information systems policy and planning etc. Relatos Eroticos

Some masters degree programs require students to complete a thesis before earning their degree. To complete a thesis, students must perform in-depth research on a specific subject within management information systems, such as competitive strategies for management information systems. The topic one chooses for their thesis should be something they are strongly interested in and passionate about. You are not expected to start your degree program with a thesis in mind, rather develop the thesis after going through half of your courses so you have a better understanding of what you would be interested in researching.

Top 10 Grad Schools in Management Information Systems

  1. University of Phoenix
  2. Webster University
  3. Park University, NW River Park Dr.
  4. Florida International University
  5. University of Maryland - University College
  6. Saint Leo University
  7. Stevens Institute of Technology
  8. Colorado Technical University
  9. Drake College of Business
  10. University of South Florida

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