West Virginia Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

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  West Virginia Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans West Virginia Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

Check out West Virginia financial aid programs to help fund your college tuition.


West Virginia Financial Aid

Close to 75% of West Virginia is covered in forests, so it is a haven for students pursuing any major that involves the outdoors, such as agriculture or environmental studies. However, other students who may share an interest in the outdoors will also find activities in West Virginia to suit their recreational needs. Whether a student is attending West Virginia University or Mountain State University, he may be able to find financial aid to fund his postsecondary education. West Virginia financial aid comes in the form of scholarships, grants and student loans administered by a private foundation and the state or federal.

West Virginia Scholarships and Grants

West Virginia scholarships and grants are an important part of the educational landscape for West Virginia students. Use the Campus Explorer Scholarship Search to find West Virginia scholarships that will help you get the education you need.

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (WVHEPC) administers several scholarships to West Virginia residents seeking a college degree or certificate. Here is a complete list of scholarships offered by the WVHEPC:

  1. West Virginia PROMISE Scholarship: This renewable scholarship awards up to $4,750 to cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees at any public or private college in West Virginia. This is a merit-based scholarship, so student must meet certain academic eligibility requirements before applying.
  2. West Virginia Engineering, Science and Technology Scholarship Program: Student who excel in the fields of engineering, science and technology are eligible for this scholarship if they agree to work in West Virginia for one year for each year the scholarship is received.
  3. Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship Program: Each year, students seeking teaching degrees at the pre-school, elementary, middle or secondary school level are eligible for this $5,000 scholarship if they agree to teach in West Virginia for two years for each year of scholarship assistance.
  4. Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program: A merit-based $1,500 scholarship provided to eligible students. This award may be used toward any school in the United States.
  5. West Virginia Higher Education Grant: A grant based on financial need provided to West Virginia students attending postsecondary education in the state.
  6. Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student Grant Program: Part-time students attending a community college, state college or university or an independent college or university in West Virginia are able to apply for this scholarships which is based on financial need.
  7. Medical Student Loan Program: Medical students who demonstrate financial need are seeking a degree of Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) at Marshall University School of Medicine, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, or West Virginia University School of Medicine. The student may take out up to $10,000 in loans each year, however there is a loan forgiveness option offered to student in which they do not have to repay their loan amount if they agree to work as a full-time physician in a medically underserved area of West Virginia for one year.
  8. West Virginia Health Science Scholarship Program: Students interest in a career in primary care and rural health in West Virginia are eligible to apply for this scholarship that offers $20,000 for medical students and $10,000 for other majors. To be eligible, the student must be in their last year of school and they must sign a contract stating that they will work in a health facility in rural West Virginia for at least two years.

Scholarships from West Virginia Colleges and Universities

Financial aid may also be offered by West Virginia colleges or universities to their enrolled students. Usually, these come in the form of scholarships or grants that may be based on financial need, merit, special talent, sports talent, ethnicity, a combination and more. The following colleges and universities offer unique scholarship opportunities to new and returning students:

Additionally, West Virginia University offers institutional scholarships and departmental scholarships to incoming freshman and other students. Applications for school scholarships can generally be located at the college’s financial aid department.

Those interested in pursuing college in West Virginia should take note of the city in which their prospective college is located. This is especially important for students who will need to cover the costs of tuition and fees with scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid. The top five cities in West Virginia with the largest number of colleges and universities are Charleston, Huntington, Beckley, Morgantown and Martinsburg. Descubre las maravillas del mundo donde puedes viajar y hacer turismo Maravillas del mundo

Other Scholarships in West Virginia

Students may also search for scholarships from local businesses, organizations, associations and foundations. These community organizations offer financial support to students attending West Virginia colleges and universities. The following is a short list of scholarships offered to West Virginia students to get you started on your search:

  1. West Virginia University Foundation: Designed as an additional financial aid for West Virginia University students, this scholarship foundation was established with the acknowledgement that over 70% of students who attend the university are receiving financial aid, and many are first-time college students trying to end the poverty cycle of their families. The foundation is unique in that it works with each student individually in order to prepare a scholarship program that meets their needs.
  2. Parkersburg Area Community Foundation: Over 150 scholarships are offered to students in the Parkersburg, West Virginia area.
  3. The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation: Around 450 students residing in the Greater Kanawha Valley each year receive scholarships from this foundation.
  4. The Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia: Over 20 scholarships are offered to residents of Central West Virginia.
  5. Association for Women Geoscientists: Offers a total of 10 scholarships to female students pursuing a degree in geosciences.
  6. West Virginia Press Association Foundation, Inc. Scholarship: Awarded to students pursuing any degree in journalism who demonstrate financial need.

West Virginia Student Loans

Students can apply to student loans in West Virginia at the Student Loan Network, which provides a comprehensive list of schools in the state and details every loan that is offered at each state.

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