Associate's Degrees in Technology

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  Associate's Degrees in Technology Associate's Degrees in Technology

Find out your technology degree options at the associate's degree level.


For students interested in math, science and technology, a career in information technology (IT) or computer science may be a great option with many rewarding opportunities.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, many of the fastest growing occupations in today’s economy are in this field, so now is the time to get your career started.

An associate’s degree program, combined with experience in the field, is just what you need to get hired for a position in technology or move onto a bachelor’s degree.

Associate’s Degree in Technology Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements for technology programs are usually only a high school diploma or GED. Some programs may require applicants to have a strong background in mathematics, writing, and computer skills. If your skill level in these areas is not up to par, consider first taking some basic courses at a community college before applying to schools. However, some programs will include these basic classes in their curriculum.

Associate’s Degree in Technology Curriculum

Most people choose to specialize in a particular area within computer science or IT. This is a good idea because it makes you more marketable to employers who will be looking for people to perform specific functions, rather than a “jack-of-all-trades”.

Information technology plays an integral role in almost all businesses today. In this program, you will learn how each component of a computer works together to perform essential business functions. You will also learn how to effectively identify, analyze, and solve problems.

Some courses you may take include:

Client Server Technologies

Essentials of Networking

Application Support

Database Modeling

Small Business Management

It is wise to choose a program that includes an internship, or try to get an internship on your own while still in college, since employers like to hire individuals with experience. Some offices simply could not run without a competent IT team, and employers want to ensure that their daily routine is not disrupted or (worse), compromised by a new employee.

Like many fields in today’s fast-moving workplace, the technology industry requires its workers to constantly learn and evolve. Often, even experienced employees in this industry return to school for shorter certificate training programs after they earn their initial degrees.

Jobs for Associate’s Degrees in Technology

Your major will determine what career you transfer into after college. Here are some careers that you may be qualified for after graduation:

Network Systems and Data Communication Analyst

Computer Support Specialist

Computer Network, Systems and Database Administrators

Computer Software Engineers and Programmers

Computer Applications Software Engineer


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