Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

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  Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

Find out how a bachelor’s degree can help you join the fast-growing technology industry.


Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology
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Our society’s increasing dependence on technology is good news for IT professionals.

A degree in information technology (sometimes called a bachelor’s of science in information technology) is one degree that can help you get your foot in the door of the technology industry.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, five of the top 10 fastest-growing jobs are in information technology. If you are technology-oriented with a strong background in math, you may want to consider earning your degree in this field.

A bachelor’s degree program in IT will provide students with practical, hands-on training, which is essential for this type of job

Bachelor’s Degree in IT vs. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

You may be wondering whether you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in information technology or a bachelor’s degree in computer science. What is the difference between the two?

As a general rule, a program in computer science provides students with a solid background in the technical aspects of computing, but an IT program also teaches students the business side of technology with courses in e-commerce and e-business. In general, computer science majors might focus on the software and engineering aspects of the high tech world. Holders of a bachelor’s degree in IT might end up on the business side or product management side of the industry.

Choosing a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Information Technology

Most bachelor’s degree programs start students with at least a year of general education courses in liberal arts. However, if you know your major is going to be information technology, you would probably want to begin taking business and technology-focused courses.

If you are currently working and want to stay in your job or have commitments that keep you from attending school full time, you might want to consider an online degree program in IT. These programs allow you to work around your busy schedule. A bachelor’s degree in information technology is one of the best degrees to earn online because it is teaching you through the technology that you are learning about.

You should try your best to take advantage of any opportunity you have outside of your classes to work on IT projects. An internship would be helpful. Some IT programs, such as the one at Central Michigan University, include an internship as part of the credit hours required for graduation.

Most of the time, students choose an IT specialization during the second half of their degree program. The most popular are networking and security and web application development. Both of these fields have shown high job growth in recent years.

Information Technology Jobs

A bachelor’s degree program in IT will provide students with practical, hands-on training, which is essential for this type of job. The technology industry is always changing, but a bachelor’s degree can give you a strong foundation to build on. Continuing education is important in this career, and many choose to go on to earn a master’s degree or professional certifications.

With a bachelor’s degree in IT, you can land jobs such as:

  • Network security analyst
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Computer programmers
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Network and computer systems administrators
  • Network systems and data communications analysts

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