Colleges with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

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  Colleges with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Find out which colleges have MOOCs and what courses they offer.


Colleges with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
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By Christopher Geno

Massive Open Online Courses are the latest educational craze, and the colleges that offer MOOCs are proudly promoting them as a free, effective way to take exciting classes from renowned professors.

There are classes for every student and every interest, and everything is free to use.

MOOCs have gotten a lot of hype since 2011 when a course on artificial intelligence taught in partnership with Stanford University attracted over 160,000 students. Since then, many more colleges have gotten into the MOOC game. Students, employees looking to improve job skills, or anyone else interested in learning can use MOOCs. Spice up your life with a free online course from one of these famous colleges.

Harvard University

Harvard’s Open Learning Initiative has engaging classes taught by Harvard professors from many fields. Students can learn about Shakespeare, global history pertaining to China or WWII, mathematics or introductory computer science.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a collaboration between Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley that offers courses in computer science, chemistry and engineering

MIT has also published a staggering amount of course information at MIT’s Open CourseWare. While not a traditional MOOC, MIT has course materials and sample lectures from over 2100 courses taught at MIT over a decade. It has loads of information on topics from physics to economics to music and theater arts, and as an added bonus, you can subscribe to an RSS feed that notifies you when new information relevant to your interests is uploaded.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon has been offering available free, online courses since 2002 and their library of classes offered to the public is high quality and very diverse.

A review from a student from a statistics class taught for Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative praised the course by saying it, “went into the right amount of detail and had assignments right after so you can make sure you understood what you were studying.”

Yale University

Open Yale Courses provides free lectures and course materials from classes taught by Yale professors. The courses were obviously not created solely for online use, since most lectures are recorded in front of students in a Yale classroom, but every course is just as effective through video.


Coursera isn’t a college or course, but it works with professors from 19 well-known colleges and universities including…

Coursera branches into many academic fields and offers classes for beginning students. Scott Rixner, one of the professors at Rice University who teaches a class called Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python says his course is, “designed to help students with little or no program experience to learn the basics.” APRENDE Todo lo relacionado con el Mundo del Chihuahua,esta Maravillosa Raza de Perro que cada vez Esta más de MODA y a todos Encanta. Todo sobre el Chihuahua

On the Humanities side, a course called Listening to World Music taught by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania promises students will, “examine the music of several world music cultures and how they have entered into mainstream popular culture.”

Since 2011, the number of colleges creating free online courses has increased exponentially. MOOCs are no longer just a fad. They’re a new way to learn and the information is only a few clicks away. There are classes for every student and every interest, and everything is free to use.

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