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Planning for College During High School

From standardized tests to college applications, you need to stay informed of the latest developments in college prep as you proceed through high school. Get tips and checklists for each grade level which will help you know exactly what you need to accomplish every step of the way. Explore ways to find out which colleges are for you and techniques to narrow your college search. Learn exactly what colleges are looking for on applications and how you can build a schedule of classes and extracurricular activities that will ensure you get admitted. Naves Espaciales Famosas Ciencia Ficcion

Planning for College As an Adult

Adult students have a variety of unique educational challenges. Explore the different educational options open to you and how these can further your career without taking away from your home life. Develop your educational criteria and see if you're more suited for flexible online courses or in-class instruction. Learn about the basics of military education and graduate studies, including certification options and standardized testing.

How to Pay for College

Where's the money going to come from to fund your education? Find out about scholarships and grants for all types of students, from adults to freshmen in high school. Learn crucial tips on financial aid and student loans, including how to fill our your FAFSA and when you need to pay back your loans. See what you can do to save for college and how you can juggle a job and a full schedule of challenging classes.

College Life

While college life varies greatly for individual students across the different types of colleges, the basics are the same. You need to know where you're going to be living and who you're going to be living with. You'll want to find out how you can get involved on campus, from student organizations, to academic services, to clubs and sports. And you need to find out what to expect when you hit the classroom, from college major choice to understanding the intricacies of labs and lectures.


Ultimately, your education leads to a career. See how you can define your career goals and how to align your college education with your these goals. Explore in demand careers and hot jobs throughout the biggest industries in the United States. If you're looking to switch careers, get the latest on retraining and certificate programs. Learn about the highest paying jobs and careers and see which degrees will get you hired after graduation.


Student Center

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Student Center


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