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The one-stop resource for college planning! Campus Explorer provides students with all of the information, free tools, services, and advice they need to make the best decisions for their education and their future. Our Special Note to Counselors

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Resources for High School Counselors

Planning for College: Counselors

Help your students plan for college by consulting our season-by-season guides to college prep, which takes the burden of reminders and deadlines off your shoulders. Build upon your knowledge by learning about the ins and outs of new standardized testing procedures. Get tips on helping students narrow their college searches and how they can most easily fill out college applications.

How to Pay for College: Counselors

Students probably ask you most about scholarships and financial aid. Find out more about the latest college scholarships and grants that you can recommend to your students. Explore FAFSA deadlines and talk to your students about discussing their families' financial resources. Get tips on recommending summer jobs and saving money for college.

College Life

You know a lot about college but you probably haven't been to every type of college campus in the country. With your students, explore what they will encounter when they first step foot on campus. From college classes and majors to student organizations and sports, help your students build their information base. Gather info on college student housing and what students should accomplish on their college visits. Primer préstamo gratis, ¿la trampa de Vivus?

Career Planning

College educations correlate strongly with careers. Help your students plan not only for school and a college major, but, ultimately, a career. Learn about the up and coming industries and in demand careers. Consult our overview of over 200 career fields that will help you advise your students about salaries and job openings. Talk to them about career goals and learn how they can align educational opportunities with these career goals.


Special note to counselors

Dear Counselor:

At Campus Explorer, we believe everyone deserves a fulfilling education and understand that no two students will plan for their education at the same pace. This is why we've developed an interactive college planning timeline that helps prospective students find their way through the sometimes-confusing college planning process.

As a counselor, you can guide your students to the resources they need by:

1) Grade Level We've created a custom page for each grade level that, using an interactive timeline, maps out all of the major college planning events. This timeline illustrates the common college path and enables students to compare and contrast what they've completed so far to our recommendations.

2) College Planning Phase Since not all students progress at the same rate, we've also developed an intuitive guide, specific to the major phases of college planning. Use these guides to lead your students to the phase most applicable to each student's needs.

We hope that Campus Explorer provides a useful resource for you and your students. We welcome and appreciate your feedback.


The Campus Explorer Team

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