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Senior High School Junior

It's crunch time for standardized testing, make sure you're ready. Strengthen your transcript with AP classes and look for opportunities to expand your involvement in extracurriculars.

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Narrow your college search by saving all your favorite schools and comparing them by location, size, demographics, and cost. Search through our database of over 8,500 colleges and universities to find schools similar to the ones you already like.

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Delve into grants and scholarships and find out how you can save for college. Your financial aid package might affect your college search. Nvidia Rtx 3000 Are The Best Selling Gpus Of All Time

Top Articles for Juniors Tools and Other Resources

Schedule a few campus visits to narrow your college search. Research different types of colleges and find out what it's like to live on college campuses. Read more about college sports, majors and classes, and housing.

Top Articles for Juniors

As you trim your college search, look for schools that can help with your career goals. Learn more about specific career fields and use your summer to learn about hot careers and job trends.

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College Planning for High School Juniors

Planning for College: Junior Year

Your junior year is a big one for admissions prep and standardized testing. With the help of your guidance counselor, prepare for and dominate the PSAT/NMSQT then move on to take the SAT or ACT later in the year. Continue your college research and trim your college search to 10 or 15 prospective colleges or universities. Practice writing your college essay and remind your teachers to complete those integral letters of recommendation.

How to Pay for College: Junior Year

As you think about college expenses while a junior in high school, research exactly how much it's going to cost to go to college and find out how you can get your hands on the millions of dollars in grants and scholarships up for grabs. Pick up a job or internship to expand your experiences and make up for any college expenses not paid by financial aid. With help from your counselor and parents, develop a comprehensive financial aid plan before deadlines start to complicate your life.

College Life

During your junior year, you can begin being your own campus explorer and continue visiting colleges that are on your wish list. While you're at these prospective colleges and universities, take a campus tour and talk to professors, students, admissions officers, and coaches. Check out college sports and recreation including varsity sports, college intramurals, and club sports.

Career Planning for Juniors

Meet with your guidance counselor and continue the discussion about your academic strengths and weaknesses, hot careers and job trends, and career planning. Your junior year of high school is a great time to get a head start; let your career plans help you decide which degree programs and college majors you plan to pursue. Explore degrees that get you hired and find out how you can align your education with your career choice.

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