Tacoma Community College (TCC)

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  Tacoma Community College (TCC)

Tacoma, WA

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Tacoma Community College

Tacoma Community College

Tacoma Community College Student Essentials

Tacoma Community College Student Essentials Region: Setting: Type: Affiliation: Size: Mascot: Website: On-Campus Housing Available: Parking Permit Required: Selectivity: In-State Tuition: Out-of-State Tuition: Retention Rate: Enrollment: Year Established:
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About TCC

At Tacoma Community College, you will find that the faculty and staff are dedicated to help you succeed in your academic and professional pursuits. Tacoma Community College, located in the beautiful city of Tacoma, Washington, is dedicated to making your experience a rewarding and memorable one, whether you are earning your associate’s degree, getting your vocational training certificate, or stacking up transferable credits.

Tacoma Community College makes sure that it offers vocational training programs in areas not only of interest to the students, but those most needed by the local communities. Occupation-specific certificates at Tacoma Community College include relevant careers, such as Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Radiologic Sciences, and so much more.

For those looking to earn an associate’s degree, Tacoma Community College offers an even longer list of degree programs for the academic-minded student. With concentrations in almost every traditional discipline, students quickly find the studies they wish to pursue.

Student activities and support services are present on campus. Tacoma Community College makes sure every student has their educational and professional needs met by offering career advising and academic workshops.

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TCC Ratings & Reviews

Overall School Rating:

Rated 1 of 5 Stars 1 Review

100% of students gave Tacoma Community College 1 stars overall.

0 reviews 0 reviews 0 reviews 0 reviews 1 review

Student Ratings

Student at This School - Grad Year 2015

Overall Rating

Stay away from this school, there is not accommodation's for disable people and overall staff don't care. I was a student here in the Network and CyberSecurity Department but recently dropped all my courses and decided that I had enough this school. Let me guide you to my experience here. First at all I should say that I am not a first time student. I have been through 2-3 schools before arriving to this one. I have experienced in college to complaint about the following: When I first came to this school I was surprised that you need to be registered in order to get an estimated of how much financial aid you qualify. As a former student of other community colleges, I didn't have to do this to know ahead of what I was going to awarded. After going through endless papers I finally registered and was able to see my award letter. Everything was fine until I started classes. When I went to continue my education in the IT Department known as Network and Cyber Security A.A.S I went to figure our how things work in this school. When you first come to this school you need to be aware that the school will assign you a specific advisor and only that advisor can do any changes to your schedule, accept or deny your past credits and that same advisor will be in control of all the classes you take. She is will do your tests, she will decide how things are handled and she will be your boss literally. If she doesn't like you for any reason you better get along with her because she will have control over all your grades. In other words the advisors in this school control everything and one per department is assigned to do this job. So if you are suffering with her and need to see someone else for advising you will just be wasting your time. Advisors will hesitate from taking, making or doing anything with your schedule unless is the one assigned to your department. This was aggravating because coming from a previous school where advisors only advise me with classes and schedule and then coming to this school and having one single B*...ch to control every academic aspect of my life was pretty irritating. My advisor happen to be Jeannette Perrone Smith. She is the IT (Information Technology) advisor and she has complete control over everything happening in there. She does everything from scheduling your classes, giving you advise, accepting or denying credits, and even making your tests. She does it all because the school allows her to do so. So if you get her and for some reason she doesn't like you and you want to look for outside advise you are just a dead fish in the sea. The Network and Cyber Security Department the ones she administrates is under her total control. She decides everything and has control over your whole academic experience there. The way she handles her department is by asking each teacher to abstain from giving you instructions with this I mean that if you are doing labs and you get stuck and you call a teacher for help the teacher ordered by her is not allowed to do so. So you are doing everything by yourself or you may want to look for support from classmates which are as lost as you are. Jeannette Smith demands that EVERY single class will be conducted as a team so when you get there everything is done as a team. What's wrong this you will ask? Well is not that simple as you will think it is. When I mean team I mean TEAM work. You will have team activities, team projects, team labs and if was it for her she will make you take a dump as a team too. She is extremely cocky and she will not accept any change so don't even complaint about been on a team because she will just ignore it. When you are doing every single class as a team you can expect people procrastinating and not doing their parts. So if you are keeping up with all your work and others don't you wont get a good grade. Every single thing will depend on your team mates to get a good grade and if they don't do anything you will not get anything. A lot of people have complained but no one listens in this school. So if you are a person who doesn't like that your grades depend on someone else's and hate doing every single thing as a team. STAY AWAY from this school and the Information Technology programs. Another thing I hated from Jeannette Smith is that she will not allow you hard copy books, because she says is a waste of money ordering them so every single book you will read in her department will be online only books. There is no option to buy hard copies at the bookstore because she will not provide them there. I hated this because I am old fashion student who loves to read actual books and I like to save them in case I need to use them again. But in this school a lot of stuff are really controlled. Another thing I need to complaint about is the lack of support by the school personnel. They lack motivation and dedication. Most of the faculty I will say 95% of the faculty are part timers that do not have benefits, a stable job, and a lot of the teachers are there temporary. By this I mean that even the counselors that help with disabilities are part timers so they really careless for whatever accommodation you need. I went to see a counselor to ask for accommodation and all he told me was to move to another college because maybe that was not the school for me. He even told me that school could not accommodate my disability because it will violate the rights of the teacher and advisor. When I heard this I was so upset and speechless. I never have been told this before. How could my disability violate a teacher's or advisor's freedom to educate. He basically told me: We cannot change our system, school policy and violate the freedom of choice of education of our teacher's just because you can't adjust to it". I was so disappointed I though that accommodation's were supposed be on behalf of the students not on behalf of the school faculty. If you are struggling with any disability be aware this school gives a damn of any disability you may be facing they just simply do not care. To not make this any longer I will suggest to please investigate the school, faculty and department before planning on going to this community college. They are a pain on the neck. Once you get in things aren't going to be pretty. The school has under control every single aspect of it and there is little to no freedom of choice, protection and even freedom for a high quality education. The school together with a nasty rude staff will make sure they will get every single penny from your financial aid but without giving you choices. The single comparison that I have for this school is the closest you can get to a communist community college where they dictated how to do things and students have to obey. There is no choices, freedom, respect or sympathy for students at this school. Please read this, investigate and look somewhere else if possible I am sure there are a few better schools in Tacoma than this garbage! AKT Flex Ultra 125 precios y ficha técnica en Perú.

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TCC Map & Location

Tacoma Community College

6501 S 19th St

Tacoma, WA 98466

Map of Tacoma Community College View campus map for Tacoma Community College

Getting Around TCC


Excellent walkability. You do not need a car for this area.

10/10 walk


Seasonal average temperatures for Tacoma, WA

Winter Dec 47 36 Jan 48 37 Feb 51 37 Spring Mar 56 40 Apr 60 43 May 66 48 Summer Jun 72 53 Jul 77 56 Aug 77 56 Fall Sep 71 52 Oct 61 46 Nov 53 40

TCC Students

Total Students

Ethnic Diversity:

  • Latino: 6%
  • African American: 8%
  • Caucasian: 41%
  • American Indian or Alaska native: 1%
  • Asian: 5%
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 1%
  • Unknown and Other: 39%
]]> Latino African American Caucasian American Indian or Alaska native Asian Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Unknown and Other
Undergraduate 100% Graduate % Full-Time 29% Part-Time 71% International 3% Domestic 97%

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Tacoma Community College

Tacoma Community College

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