New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA)

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  New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA)

Manchester, NH

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New Hampshire Institute of Art

New Hampshire Institute of Art

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NHIA Ratings & Reviews

Overall College Life Rating:

Rated 2.5 of 5 Stars 5 Reviews

40% of students gave New Hampshire Institute of Art 4 stars in College Life.

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Student Ratings

Alumnus - Grad Year 2014

College Life Rating

It's a small school, so there isn't a whole lot going on, but that also means they really encourage you to start your own clubs and activities! Honestly, I spent most weekends doing homework, but the studios are very social and fun, even when you're working hard. And there is other stuff going on during weekends too. One big downside... Manchester is really not very safe. Don't walk alone, especially at night.

Alumnus - Grad Year 2010

College Life Rating

When I attended, this was a small-sized school growing rapidly (I was actually one of the first Illustrations majors to graduate). There is not many clubs or after-school activities a the time as well as I was a commuter... There was a "critique club" that anyone could join in on during one of my years there... but not much else. Some students including myself, started a recycle-group because there was SO MUCH PAPER being dumped and the president (someone different than who is there now) said for whatever reason that a recycle program was too much or something (money cost? time for the janitors? I dunno/forget). Some students also had to set up a web-design club after the one-time class of it was taken away.It's been a while, and things may have changed, but back in the day there was little to no clubs and if you wanted something, you had to work for it (VERY HARD to do when you're trying to concentrate on your studies).Like I said, I commuted and ran a very tight schedule... so anything social that happened (events, meetings in dorms, etc...) I wasn't really a part of. I will say going to some of those seminars was tough because there was always so much work to do! If you're looking for after-school activities, then you'll find little to none here. But for me, that was just fine because I wanted to concentrate on my artwork instead. Things may have changed, so ask the school and current students what things are like now.Also, this school is very safe (or at least felt like it to me). The police station is literally right next door and the part of the city it's in felt safe. It was kinda odd walking through the park at night and of course you should always be aware of your surroundings... cities have never been a favorite atmosphere for me... but it is what it is. Each building has a security guard at night and when I was leaving I heard something about a bus that travels for students to bring them to their dorms/supermarkets, etc... Tu web Exclusiva con Cientos de Letras en Graffiti ,Descargalas Gratis y aprende Cómo hacerlas para Expresar tu Arte Urbano Letras en Graffiti Gratis | Descubre Todos los Estilos

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New Hampshire Institute of Art

New Hampshire Institute of Art

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