Cool Drinks for Hot Summer


Cool Drinks for Hot Summer


Summer is coming. So prepare your body to fight the heat. Naturally human body is more resistant to cold than it is to heat. For this reason we become overpowered by hot summer and loose all interest in our daily work. We lick ice-candies or sip cold fizzy drinks for relief. These may give you temporary relief. But it is more important to cool down from inside and that is more effective in withstanding heat.

Here are a few drinks that can help you to cool down naturally.

Lime or lemon is probably the best thing for summer. Moreover, lime is full of vitamin C. Add few drops of lime juice in a glass of cold water. Add pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar. Stir well. Your energy drinks is ready. You may add ice cubes in it. This drink is so refreshing that it restores our energy within few minutes.

You may make another drink with curd or yogurt. In a blender add plain curd, sugar (optional), salt and few drops of lime juice and chilled water. Add some crushed mint. Your drink is ready. If you make drinks with flavored yogurt you will need no more flavors.

If you live in very dry hot place then you can prepare this special drink and your body will remain cool internally. Soak 1 teaspoonful each of fenugreek and aniseed overnight. Strain and retain the extract. You may add sugar candies to make it sweet.  Keep it in refrigerator to make it cool. Drink it twice daily and feel the difference.

A traditional oriental drink made from mint and green mango is very effective in keeping the body cool in the tropical summer. For the drink you need 2 or 3 green mangoes. Boil them. Remove the outer skin and the seed. Separate the pulp and blend it together with a few mint leaves. Add sugar, salt and a little bit of roasted cumin seed powder. Preserve in refrigerator. To serve, add one portion of the concentrate to 3 portions of water, add a few ice cubes and it is ready to drink. Green mango, mint and cumin have the power to cool down your body from within.

Water melon has property to cool down your body. Water melon juice with a few drops of lemon juice is also a very refreshing summer drink.


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