Diabetes & Its Symptoms


Diabetes & Its Symptoms


Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is basically a metabolic disorder. By the process of metabolism what we eat is changed into glucose- a kind of sugar in blood. With the help of insulin glucose gives energy to our body. This insulin is produced in a gland called Pancreas. And Diabetes is a condition of glucose level getting up in blood and ultimately getting its way out through urine leading to the prevention of energy supply to the body for growth requirements. Diabetes has two variations ; type one and type two.

Following are the warning signs of diabetes.

• Tendency to urinate frequently:  It is almost like you urinate throughout the day. When there is more than enough glucose in blood, frequent bath room visit becomes a necessity. What happens is that in order to draw out this extra glucose you feel to drink excess water which consequently bulges up your bladder and you dash to the bath room.

• Feeling unquenchable thirst: That extra glucose tempt you to drink water now and then. The fact is that unless you drink well your body will get dehydrated.

• Weight loss:  As the energy supplying glucose processed by enough insulin, the body goes for the stored energy for its day to day works. This is the most visible sign of type one diabetes.

• Fatigue and Weakness: Glucose travels right to blood from the food we eat and stored up there for the lack of insulin causing energy production shortage. Naturally, when energy is not supplied the body get weak.

Neuropathy: This is the numbness or tingling in our legs especially feet, hands etc. This happens as a result of the extra glucose damaging the nervous system. In the case of type two diabetes this symptom usually goes unnoticed.

• Blurred vision: Due to an excess sugar or glucose content in blood, diabetes patient feels a blurred vision.

Other than the above signs, diabetes has symptoms like skin getting itchy and dry, wounds on the skin requiring more than enough time to heal etc. Doctors warn that if you notice any symptoms sited above don’t hate to consult them.

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