Diet Chart For Kids

Diet Chart For Kids


One of the most important aspects of our life is our kids and their health. For keeping them healthy, an appropriate diet chart and nutrition plays very important role, especially in today’s world when fast food is becoming a rage amongst children.
For helping your children develop a good and healthy eating habit, one needs to draw a good and a well planned diet chart for them.

A good diet chart balances various kinds of nutrition with correct proportions and it also helps to include all kinds of foods in the diet.

A good diet chart is balanced with essential nutrients and right proportions of various kinds of foods from all the food groups. There are various diet charts which are recommended for kids depending upon their age groups, physical development and other requirements. But there are some elements which are common in these diet charts for kids and essential for children of age groups, some of these elements these include.

1. Whole Grains – a healthy and nutritious diet for kids ought to include at least one serving of any grain at the time of every meal, preferably whole grain. The grains can be incorporated in the meal in form of a slice of brown bread, a cup of cooked oats, half cup of cereals or cooked pasta, a cup of breakfast cereals or half a cup of rice.

2. Fresh vegetables – a good diet plan for children should also include three mandatory servings of cooked or raw vegetables at every meal time. Preference should be given to raw green leafy vegetables. One should look at serving at least 1 cup of the raw vegetable at every meal.

3. Fruits – Fruits are a vital part of a nutritious diet plan for kids. They provide the maximum nutrition to children in form of vitamins and minerals. Fruits should be incorporated in your child’s daily meal in form of juice, milk shake or simple fresh fruit.

4. Milk and other dairy products – Milk and other dairy products provide the much needed calcium for the growth and development of the bone structure of kids. It is recommended that at least one glass of milk should essentially be incorporated in your child’s diet. However, one should also encourage growing children to eat cheese, tofu, etc.

A healthy and nutritious diet provides the necessary material for the growth and repair of tissues and also supplies the essential vitamins and minerals for the chemical processes that take place within the body.

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