Different Types Of Yoga


Different Types Of Yoga


Different Types Of Yoga - How To Stay Healthy With Yoga & Advantages And Benefits Of Yoga » Types Of Yoga – Easy Way To Keep Yourself HealthyThere is still no clear evidence as to when yoga really started. It has been said that the practice has evolved over four periods in history, the Vedic period, pre-Classical period, classical period and the post classical period.

When one hears the word yoga, one usually thinks of the difficult poses that are done by those who practice it. However, yoga was used originally to attain harmony between the body, mind and spirit through breathing, exercises and meditation.

There are many different types of yoga these days. In this article, you will find the five branches or types of yoga that many of you are familiar with. The most commonly known among the many types of yoga is called the Hatha Yoga or Yoga of Postures.

This type of yoga focuses on physical poses, techniques in breathing and meditation. This type of yoga is mainly used in the United States to help one battle stress and as a form of exercise. Aside from these, Hatha yoga also helps in preventing diseases such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis and hypertension.

Bhakti Yoga or the Yoga of Devotion is another one of the many types of yoga that are known to many. It is used by those who would want to find spiritual enlightenment, emotional fulfillment and well being. Bhakti yoga helps one to find the divine by teaching love and acceptance of all things.

Of the many types of yoga, there is one that teaches Self Control, this is known as the Raja Yoga. Known as the King of Yoga, it is said that most of those who practice this type of yoga attain oneness with the divine by mastering themselves. If you want to learn discipline of self, Raja Yoga may be the way to go.

One of the other types of yoga that is quite known to many is called the Jnana Yoga or the Yoga of the Mind. This type of yoga focuses on wisdom, intellect and the mind to attain spiritual enlightenment. Practitioners of this type of yoga have open minds and are open to other philosophies as well.

The Yoga of Service or Karma Yoga focuses on doing selfless acts. Practitioners believe that in order to attain a better life, one has to be free from negativity and the tendency of being selfish. And with this changed attitude, yogis are then led to their changed destiny, towards something better.

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