Duck Roast

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Duck Roast


Some people have a few ducks along with chickens and a turkey in the backyard, where they are fed scraps of food from the kitchen. If you’re one of those who’ve got ducks in your backyard too or if you simply like eating it, here’s a lip-smacking duck roast recipe, just perfect for that candle night dinner with a glass of wine.Duck Roast


Duck, cut into 10 to 12 pieces – 1 (2 kg)
Finely chopped onions – 4 large
Chopped ginger – 3 tbsp
Chopped garlic – 10 cloves
Chopped green chillies – 6
Curry Leaves – 10
Vinegar – 3 tbsp
Crushed black peppercorns – 2 tbsp
Salt – 2tbsp
Cups of water – 10
Oil – 4 tbsp

Spice Powder

Warm slightly in a small, dry skillet and then grind to a powder for the following: 6 cardamom pods, 5 whole cloves, 2 (1-inch) cinnamon sticks


1) First put the duck in a heavy bottomed wide pot with spice powder and other ingredients except the oil and onions. Partially cover and cook for 20 to 30 minutes over low heat

2) When the duck is tender and the gravy has been reduced to two cups, remove from the heat. Then, remove the duck from the pan and keep the gravy aside

3) Now, heat oil in a large skillet and fry the chopped onions for about three to four minutes, until golden brown. Then, remove the fried onions and keep aside

4) In the same oil, fry the duck pieces in batches for four to five minutes, until they turn brown. Then, remove the duck pieces and set aside

5) Next, when all the duck has been fried, pour the gravy into the oil and cook for two minutes or until it has thickened. Then, add the duck and the fried onions, stir and cook for five minutes, until the meat is coated with the gravy.

Nutritional Value

Well cooked duck is not just yummy but also nutritious. Roasted duck with skin is slightly high on calories, as compared to turkey, red meat, beaf or even fish but if you’ve never tasted roasted duck before, we’re telling you its amazingly delicious and to-die-for. And if you’re one of those health conscious people, we suggest you try eating duck leg meat (thigh + drumstick), with or without skin or you could even try some duck breast roast as compared to other parts, as it contains low levels of fat and calories.

Duck Roast

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Quick news about games, health, travel, tv, movies