Eating Habit Myths


Eating Habit Myths


Eating Habit Myths - Myths about Food and Eating Habits - Good Eating Habits - Diet Myths Debunked » Myths related with eating habitsHey girls and guys, do you often get worried about various myths related to your eating food habits? Then don’t panic much now! Read this article below that will certainly help in debunking such food related myths and at the same time help you to lead a healthy and ailment-free life.

Everyone is recommended to have at least eight glasses of water every day from super models, celebrities to your neighborhood aunty. Isn’t it? But how much is it really true? Yes undoubtedly water is very much essential for your body but the need of water varies from person to person. A kid or a person with heart ailment may require more than eight glasses of water. If a person’s diet contains other sources of water, then he or she certainly do not need to consume eight glasses of water. Some rich sources of water are cucumbers, water melon and soups. If you can greatly afford to gulp down more than eight glasses of water, then certainly it’s very good for your health.

You must have often heard from your elders that chocolates are bad for your teeth. Isn’t it? But attention all chocoholics, chocolates have no reason to make your teeth bad. Instead you will be surprised to read that a sticky molten pizza cheese has much more worse effects on your teeth than a harmless bar of chocolate. So make sure you keep the things that get stick to your teeth at bay otherwise if it stays there for a long period, it will undoubtedly cause decay.

Numbers of people include health foods like Soya bars and protein shakes in their diet but do you know these foodstuffs are packed with preservatives. So they should be used as substitutes only rather than add-ons in your regular diet. diet

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