Everything You Get Wrong About Led Zeppelin

Everything You Get Wrong About Led Zeppelin


You can't be blamed if you think Led Zeppelin straight-up stole the intro to "Stairway to Heaven" from a band called Spirit. For one thing, the short list of musicians Zeppelin allegedly stole from isn't exactly short. As Rolling Stone notes, the band has been successfully sued over songs such as "Dazed and Confused," "Whole Lotta Love," and "Boogie with Stu." 

For another, the band's been embroiled in a lawsuit over "Stairway" since 2014 with the estate of Randy Wolfe, whose band Spirit released a song called "Taurus" in 1968, several years before "Stairway." If you listen to the two songs side by side the similarities are obvious, but the band vehemently denies being aware of "Taurus," and to be fair, in other cases where the band's been accused of borrowing elements of other songs, they've usually admitted it and expressed exasperation before eventually giving credit or settling a lawsuit. 

Plus, as The Guardian reported a few years ago, music experts say both songs are using centuries-old structures and chord progressions that are being re-used to this day. In other words, Zeppelin can't be guilty of stealing this particular bit because what they're really guilty of is being very, very basic when it comes to their music composition skills, which we guess is ... better? Certainly better than paying Wolfe's estate the $55 million that Forbes estimates the song is worth.

Everything You Get Wrong About Led Zeppelin



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