Florence Travel Guide Italy


Florence Travel Guide Italy


Florence, commonly referred to as The Renaissance City is located in the heart of Tuscany, and is known all over the world for being home to some of the best museums, churches, cathedrals, shops and  buildings. There is a completely unique and magnificent charm to the city, which makes it a delight for the visitors who come and stay here.  It is considered to be the place where Italian Renaissance was started, and being one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, UNESCO recognised it as a World Heritage Site in the year 1982.

The architecture that one can witness in this city is simply enchanting, and every inch of the streets that you walk over here give you a sense of a deep cultural heritage. One of the most famous places in Florence is the Piazza San Giovanni, which is dominated by the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

The architecture of this cathedral is a treat to the eyes, and one can truly say that some of the finest buildings and edifices that Florence saw came from the architects of the Renaissance Era. The Cathedral built somewhere in the 15th century is the largest religious place in the entire Europe. From the terrace, one can get a magical view of the whole of Florence, and the same can also be enjoyed from the 14th century Giotto’s Bell Tower, which is located nearby.

Florence Travel Guide Italy

Near to the Cathedral is also the Baptistery, which has been dedicated to Florence’s patron saint – St. John the Baptist. It took around 70 years to complete this magnificent building and it is particular famous for its three bronze doors along with beautiful mosaics created with green and white marble.

Florence is one city, which apart from being a city of interest to those who like architecture and like to visit holy places, is also a city for the fun travellers who are looking forward to a vacation where they can eat, drink, enjoy and have a great time shopping. You will indeed find a lot of shops in Florence with souvenir items and fashion clothes. The brands found here range from Prada to Gucci, along with many other famous names.


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