Gambia Travel Guide & Gambia Tourist Attractions

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Gambia Travel Guide & Gambia Tourist Attractions


Republic Gambia, a tiny nation in western Africa bulge is in the valley of the River Gambia, bordered by Senegal in north east and south. Its 80 km shore is touched by the North Atlantic Ocean. The local population is made up of Mandingo, Fulani, Wolof, Djola, and other people. Islam is the religion practiced.

Chief River is Gambia. The nation became a republic in 1965. The region was under Mali Empire once upon a time and was a British colony from 1843 onwards.

Arch entrance capital city is Banjul with colonial structures. The popular destination is Museum on Independence drive and the shoppers’ paradise, the Albert market and craft market.

Many tourists located at Kombo North reach the capital city for outing. In the vicinity is the coast where many attractions abound. There is Cape point, Fajara, Kololi and Kotou resorts as well.

The tranquil magnificent unpolluted beaches are bestowed with the optimum sun rays and abundant water activities. Enjoy quad-biking, play a game of golf or tennis or enjoy good food in one of the many restaurants. Night outing is possible at Kololi as well as at Senegambia.

See the amazing reptiles at Katchikally Crocodile Pool and Bijilo Forest Park. Enjoy the Sunday wrestling sessions. Spend some time at Brufut Gardens and Brufut heights. Single day excursion takes you to the coast towards Tanji Village Museum.

Here camel safari is very popular. In the vicinity is the bird reserve. From here a boat plies to the mangroves and wonderful scenic beauty all around.

Climate is tropical. June till November is the monsoon time and the remaining part of the year is arid.  Gambia is a tract of land which stretches some 480 km into the interior. A narrow strip along the river contains river rain tropical forest; the rest of the country is covered by dry savannas.

There are a few paved roads, but Gambia is navigable far upstream even for ocean going vessels. The nation offers excursions, sports activities, good food, and river excursions mixed excursions, land excursions and native cultural activities as well. The topology is very attractive and relaxing.

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Makasutu Cultural Forest, Abuko Nature Reserve, Jinack Island, National Park of Niumi, Ancient stone circles at Kerr Batch, Karinti Bird Reserve, etc are some of the places visited most by travellers. A visit and outing in this small nation does not cost much, but it offers the best of nature.


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