Going In Style Travel Accessories


Going In Style Travel Accessories


While travelling, when there are millions of things on your mind and agenda, looking good might take a backseat. When you later look at your pictures, you wish you could have looked better if you had made-up yourself well enough. But not anymore; follow some quick fixes and start looking perfect even while on the move.

Before applying any kind of make-up, clean your skin well. Use a cleansing milk, and if your skin is oily, apply some skin astringent with cotton wool. Moisturize well, for those who have dry skin. Once the skin is cleansed and rightly hydrated, use a waterproof foundation covering your face and neck both. Remember to highlight eyes and lips. Instead of liquid eyeliner use a smudge proof eye crayon pencil available in vibrant colors. A nude lip gloss would be perfect for the lips in holiday mood.

Your clothes selection should be based upon the weather condition and place you are travelling to. Never keep your heavy and formal dresses while travelling. Clothes should be comfortable, light and wrinkle free while you are away from home and travelling.

Keep minimal jewellery with you. If you are too fond of accessorizing yourself, go for beads or funky artificial jewellery. A firm ‘no’ for gold, silver and diamond jewellery. Nowadays, there is ample variety available in artificial jewellery, so go and choose your pick.

Going In Style Travel Accessories

Styling your hair is also important during a vacation. Going for a short and hassle free haircut is a good option. Those with long tresses should go for high ponytails or buns with funky clutchers; it will save your time and also make you look younger and peppy. Sporting a bandana in funky colors and designs will jazz up your outfit and will save your hair from the dust and pollution as you travel. Remember to use a leave-on conditioner or hair serum whenever you go out of your hotel room.

A make up kit is a must while on the move. It should have a hairbrush, lip gloss, facial tissues, deodorant roll or spray, face powder, a kohl or kajal pencil, a face mirror and a tinted moisturizer. These are bare essentials that you should always have with you to stay stylish.

Now that you know everything, its time to pack your bags and visit any place in style.

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