Looped Curls

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Hair is the most important part of our personality. Almost sixty percent of our looks are attributed to the kind of hair we have. Everybody wants to have smooth, silky and beautiful hair that can be easily styled and maintained. Well maintained hair enhances your personality and is the most important indicator of beauty and good health. It flatters the features, face and skin and can also create an illusion of width or height balancing with your personality.

There are various hairstyles that can be made to enhance your looks and personality. The best way to figure out which hairstyle will look good on you is by consulting a professional hair stylist who can help you determine which hairstyle would be ideal for you depending upon various factors such as your facial cut, hair type and skin tone.

If you are planning to wear an elegant hairdo for a special occasion such as a friend’s wedding or an important business luncheon, you can opt for the looped curls. This hairdo is formed with two pony tails.

What you need:

In order to make this great hairdo you will require a covered band, setting lotion, hot rollers, hair pins and hairspray.

Steps to make the looped curls hairstyle:

  • Comb your hair thoroughly in order to get rid of any tangles or knots.
  • Apply setting lotion to the ends of the hair to enhance the body of your tresses and form great curls.
  • Set the hair on the rollers and once they are cool, open the hair to fall freely.
  • Secure the hair with a covered band into a high ponytail.
  • Apply a bit of liquid serum to add shine to the hair.
  • Secure the remaining hair in a low ponytail and smooth with each section into a looped curl.
  • Set with the help of a hairspray.  

The time taken to create this hairstyle is 10 to 15 minutes. This hairstyle can be created with practice.

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