Pretty Braids

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We try several new styles on a daily basis to look and feel good. Our air is the most important fashion accessory we possess. Almost sixty percent of out looks are attributed to how good our tresses look. Our hairstyle gives an impression of what we are like and enhances our features instantly. The most significant feature of hair is that it can be colored, cut, crimpled, styles, braided, blown or curled depending on how we want to look.

Braiding is the intertwining of hair. The most common braid style is the three stranded braid. There are many other braiding styles, some of them being easy, some being moderately easy and some requiring a lot of practice. We all style our hair to change our looks and enhance our personality. People braid their hair all the time in an attempt to make it look beautiful and unique.

Nowadays, we can spot fashion models sporting various hairstyles on the ramp. Braids are the flavour of the season with new tricks and techniques popping out for waving your locks into gorgeous braids. A newer braiding technique called ‘Pretty Braid’ has become very popular these days. Pretty Braids are simple, and can make your hair look glam. All you need to make Pretty Braids are straightening irons, a styling comb, some small covered bands, hairclips, and some ribbons.

Simple instructions for Pretty Braids


  • Firstly, the hair has to be parted from the centre.
  • Now, taking one section of hair at a time, straightening irons are to be run from the roots to the tips to smooth the hair.
  • Next, on one side of the head, somewhere in between the centre parting, a small section of hair has to be picked and then combed straight.
  • Now, the section of hair has to be divided into three strands.
  • Now, the hair has to be braided. After making three sections, the right section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original right section becomes the middle section and then the left section has to be crossed over the middle section so that the original left section becomes the middle section and so on.
  • Continue making braids this way till the end.
  • Now the braid has to be secured with a small covered band.
  • A second braid similar to the first one has to be made on the other side of your head.
  • Finally, the braids have to be tied in the shape of a bow at the centre of the back of your head.
  • Secure the bow with pins. To make the braid look prettier, you can decorate the ends by binding them with fine, colored ribbons in any cool and funky color of your choice.
Tips for hair care and making pretty braids:  

Beautiful braids start with beautiful hair. By keeping these tips in mind you can create some gorgeous braids. Home Security Tips and buying guides Home Security Tips and buying guides

  • Make sure to brush the hair nicely at first, as there should be no tangles.
  • Do not make very tight braids; it has been proved that popular modern hairstyles which include tight braids can lead to permanent bald patches. If the braids are too tight, they will pull the hair away from the scalp, and hence your hair will either become weak or you will have hair loss.
  • It is advised to not comb wet hair. It first has to be dried out and then the tangles need to be removed.
  • Never use a hard brush. Your brush should have correctly spaced bristles.
  • Never twist or tug at your hair unnecessarily.
  • Always brush your hair before going to bed every night.
  • Avoid using hair sprays on a daily basis.

The popularity of this hairstyle has been growing because it is easy to create and gives beautiful results. It only takes ten minutes to do this hairstyle.

The difficulty level given to it is ‘quite easy’.

It looks best on people with long, slightly wavy or straight hair.

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