Simple Pleat (Roll)

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Your hairstyle can make a world of difference to the way you look and feel. Hairstyling is the art of beautifying your tresses to enhance your looks. These are various types of hairstyles by means of which you can dress up your tresses. You can use a number of accessories to add spice to your hair such as clips, barrettes, head bands, pins, flowers, wreaths, ribbons, scrunches etc.

Your hairstyle speaks volumes about your personality and can transform you from a plain Jane into a chic diva overnight. Getting the right look plays an important part in establishing your individuality and enhances your looks. Hair is the most dynamic fashion accessory possessed by all of us. It can be colored, cut, clipped, blown, curled or crimped to suit our needs and looks. One of the best ways to get a new look is by going to a professional hairstylist and taking some sound advice on what hairstyle would be suitable as per your facial cut and features.  

If you are looking to dress your tresses in a gorgeous hairdo you can opt for the simple pleat hairstyle. This hairstyle looks great on curly hair which imparts a sophisticated look to the style.  

What you need:

To make this elegant hairdo, you will require liquid serum and some hair pins.

Steps to make the Simple Pleat Hairstyle:

  • Comb your hair thoroughly to get rid of all the tangles and knots.
  • Part your hair and leave a section of the tresses absolutely free.
  • Smooth it with a little serum.
  • Twist the remaining hair and secure it into a ponytail.
  • When the hair has been firmly twisted, turn it upwards into a pleat.
  • With the help of the other hand tuck the ends and smoothen the style.
  • Use hair pins to secure the hairstyle.
  • Allow the tresses to frame the face for an added effect.

This hairstyle takes only 5 minutes to be completed. The difficulty rating given to this style is easy. It looks great on medium to long hair.

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