Twist and Coil

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Braiding is an ancient hairstyle that was practiced by the ancient Africans. People all over the world still practice braiding as it looks good on almost everyone. The tree stranded braid is the simplest and most popular type of braid. Other than this there are the four stranded braids, decorative braids, five stranded braids, twelve stranded braids and so on. The higher the number of strands the more difficult is the braid to do. A person with long to medium hair will look awesome in a braid.

Twist and Coil is very different from the other braids because the coils give it a very unique look. If you are one of those people who like to experiment with hairstyles, then you surely have to try this one to get compliments from everyone! All you need for this hairstyle is a covered rubber band, some hairspray for setting the hair in its place and sequins for a more beautiful effect.

Here are the instructions on how to make the twist and coil hairstyle:

Your hair has to be combed using a hairbrush and all the tangles have to be removed.

Once you have gotten rid of all the tangles the hair needs to be combed back into a ponytail tied using a covered rubber band. Remember to make it neatly.

Some hairspray has to be applied to the hair to make the ponytail shiny and smooth.

A small section of hair has to be taken from the ponytail.

Now, the hair from that section has to be twisted until the hair rolls to an extent. It will form a coil.

Once the section has been made, the coil has to be positioned in a loop. Now, make it stay in its place by using a hairclip.

Now, keep taking more sections from the ponytail and continue making looped coils, until all hair in the ponytail has been coiled.

If you want, you can attach sequins to the coils.

The time taken to do this hairstyle is ten minutes, though it lessens with practice. The difficulty rating given to it is easy. It is best done on long and straight hair.

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