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Ponytails have been in fashion ever since the days to early man. Images found in ancient caves suggest that both men and women tied their locks in a number of ways to enhance their looks. Ponytail Hairstyles have always been popular because they are easy to create and manage. In the olden days women tied their tresses with the help of vines, twigs and animal fur but in modern times there are thousands of beautiful barrettes, clips, ponytail holders and bands that can be used to adorn your hair. In certain parts of the world even today, women use fresh flowers and garlands to decorate their ponytails.  

Ponytail Hairstyles are considered to be classic, trendy and fun to create. They can be sported from your childhood to your old age. You can wear them to the gym or at a flashy party or even use them as a backup on bad hair days. Ponytails can make you look like a Barbie doll or a sexy siren depending upon how you choose to carry them. They suit almost everyone and look great on all face cuts. Long and medium length hair is great for sporting a ravishing ponytail. Individuals with short or medium cuts often find it a tedious task to maintain the tail without using hair spray.

Ponytails not only look gorgeous on young girls but also look sophisticated on older women. They are the best hairstyle to wear during athletic activities, in the cheerleading squad and while dancing. They tend to blend well with most accessories and apparels ranging from t-shirts and jeans to cocktail dresses and office wear. There are several ways in which you can style your ponytail. You can even add bangs and curls for an added effect and make your ponytail look super sexy.

Popular Ponytail Hairstyles:

Side Ponytails: This is a very popular hairstyle and looks great on all occasions. Use a wide toothed curling iron and spray a good styling spray on to the hair. Wrap sections of your tresses around the curling iron and curl them in alternate directions. Finger comb the waves and tie them into a ponytail towards the left or right side of your head.

Sleek Ponytail: This chic hairstyle looks great with sunglasses and can be worn to the office to a formal dinner. To create this hairdo, blow- dry your tresses and straighten your any waves with the help of a flat iron. Cast it into a ponytail and hold it with the help of an elastic or band. Spray a good hairspray to tame the flyaway ends and ad liquid serum forgetting a luminescent shine. Home Security Tips and buying guides Home Security Tips and buying guides

Chic Ponytail: This ponytail looks amazing on all occasions and has a beautiful finish. To create this style, entangle your fingers in the hair on either side of your ears and run them in the upward direction. Clasp the collected hair and tease the base with a wide toothed comb. This slightly raised do gives an illusion of height to your crown. Spray a good setting lotion on to your hair and smooth the hair left at the back into a sleek ponytail. For added effect, you can also design curls or crimp your tresses in the ponytail.

Wrap around Ponytail: This is a sexy hairdo that exudes style and brilliance. To create this style, pull your hair backwards into a ponytail and pull a pencil thick strand of hair from the bottom pf the pony. Wrap this strand around the pony and pull it down the elastic. Hold it together with a couple of bob pins.

Super cute ponytail: To get this ravishing hair style, spray volumizing lotion at the roots and let your hair air dry. Scrunch it for getting a bit of wave. If you are using a blow drier, then use your fingers to separate the hair instead of a brush. Pull the hair backwards and secure it at the nape of your neck or a little higher. You can use decorative barrettes or scrunches to decorate your tresses.

Ponytail hairstyles always look trendy and can be very stylish. They can be sported anywhere with equal ease and elegance. They are easy to manage and can be made in no time.  

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