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Every time one comes across this word it signifies the uniqueness and weirdness of the punk culture. The real style of the punk hairstyles and culture emerged in the 70’s and since then it is referred to as the 70’s punk, 80’s punk, 90’s punk and the era goes on. In the 80’s the punk hairstyles included tattoos on the shaved portion of the head. Punk hairstyles are mostly common with teenagers as this is one of the ways that they adopt to show that they are different from the others, which is the main idea behind the punk culture.

Punk hairstyles also include applying color to the hair. The colors that are applied are very vibrant and bright and are usually neon shades that look very attractive. Some of the colors that are used on the hair for a punk hairstyle are orange, blue, purple, green, pink and a lot more. Also, another unique look included in the punk hairstyle category is having completely black hair with platinum blonde tips which looks totally freaky and different.

Types of punk hairstyles

Mohawk: It is a very popular punk hairstyle and includes shaving both sides of the head leaving a strip of hair in the centre which can also be spiked at the top and then dyed with different colors. The female version of the Mohawk includes a fringe on the front of the face and is called Chelsea Mohawk. There are various types of Mohawks like Dread Hawk, Fanned, Reverse Mohawk, Mullet and many more.

Original punk hairstyle: This type of hairstyle includes making spikes of the entire hair, using gel and then dyeing the hair in vibrant colors like pink or purple shades.

Skate punk hairstyles: The skate punk hairstyle includes firstly, cutting the hair asymmetrically and then making spikes with the gel and finally the hair is dyed in color at the ends to focus on the extra hair.

Pop punk hairstyle: The pop punk hairstyle is common among the girls and includes dyeing half the hair with color. A very good example of a pop punk hairstyle is Avril Lavingne.

Problems of getting a punk hairstyle

The way punk hairstyles are styled may not be an appropriate look for going to school and work. Home Security Tips and buying guides Home Security Tips and buying guides

One must realize that punk hairstyles are very vibrant and different and are usually adopted by people who want to stand out among other people so having a punk hairstyle may attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Punk hairstyles require a lot of effort to be put in, right from applying gel to dyeing the hair. Therefore, once the look is completed it may be difficult to reverse the process so be very sure about what you want.  

Caring tips

If you have a punk hairstyle it is very important to take care of your hair because one has to use a lot of gel, hairsprays, colors etc. One should take regular hair conditioning treatments to keep their hair healthy. If one wishes to keep a shaved look then frequent hair cut is necessary. Also, make sure that you should use good quality hairsprays, hair gels, and colors. White Rain is a good hairspray product and Knor Gelatin works for a week as a gel but it smells really bad. Even though punk hairstyles suit every face shape it is recommended that you try to choose something that would look good and suit your personality.

Being rebellious and standing out from the ordinary has always been a typical characteristic of the teenagers and having a punk hairstyle is one very good way of achieving that. A punk hairstyle is a great way to completely change the way one looks. So don’t be afraid of trying something new, even if it means getting some awkward stares from a few.

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