Hayley Nolan » LOVE IT, WANT IT, HAVE TO HAVE IT! New Year, New You!


Hayley Nolan » LOVE IT, WANT IT, HAVE TO HAVE IT! New Year, New You!


Happy New Decade, Readers, and welcome to the first installment of fabulosity, from me, your ever faithful eyes and ears on all that is hip, hot and happening! I will be here for you now that difficult time of year is upon us again. As we attempt to make the transition from chocolate eating, alcohol swilling, food gorging, bottomless pits to health binging, fruit-juice drinking, fitness fanatics, existing on just air and mung beans!

It’s such a shock to the system that it’s not surprising we might need a little help to flush out the toxins left over from Christmas. And what better way to help a detox along than the little bit of heaven I experienced courtesy of malika.co.uk Their “Signature Facial” – a favourite of BBC Presenter Christine Bleakley, I’m told – is to die for. LOVE IT! It’s the most natural facial you can have – and the most interesting. I had honey, exotic fruits, mashed veg and a paste of 29 herbs massaged in to my skin in succession. And the result? Soft, supple glowing skin still almost 2 weeks later. Plus it really says something about a natural treatment when a large number of their clients, they say, are scientists! So chemicals are out and all natural is in for 2010 – ’bout time too!

So even though New Year Resolutions are my pet hate of the year. HATE THEM, DON’T RATE THEM! They are good for pushing you to do things you’ve been meaning to get on with for months! One for me is looking into my family history. A while ago my cousin discovered via the fabulous website Ancestry.co.uk that our family may be connected to Queen Victoria – an amazing discovery I can’t resist looking into. I mean, come on, I might be a Lady! Lady Hayley – just imagine. So Ancestry.co.uk have set me up with a 3 month membership to find out if I do indeed have blue blood – ONE LOVES IT! I’ll report back soon with my new findings! Oooh, it’s like an episode of BBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are.

My wish list for 2010 is shaping up nicely, a possibly Ladyship, a Caribbean holiday would do nicely and I HAVE TO HAVE some Kau Boots! They’re like furry Ugg boots made of real Cow hide (Cow..Kau – geddit??) and come in a variety of markings, from classic Black and White, to Brown and White, to almost all white, to almost all…well, you get the idea! My first thought was “Ew, not fur” but then I realised it’s just like having leather boots, which most of us do. So it’s no wonder they’re already becoming hot faves amongst the celeb pack! You herd it here first…!!

January, it seems, is also the time for TV shows to make a welcome return to our screens (Grey’s Anatomy in the UK – Yey!) And also time for a few TV premieres. TV show Glee is already a huge hit in America but it premiered on E4 here in the UK this month and I LOVE IT! It’s a funnier, edgier take on High School Musical – not really one for the pre-teens, the grown ups will love this too! (Mind you I was quite possibly the biggest HSM fan and I’m…well, not 6 yrs old any more!) If you’ve not checked out Glee already, where ever you are, then Google it, YouTube it, buy the box set, just check it out! The show just won an Emmy and has been commissioned a second series, so I’m clearly not alone!

Speaking of YouTube Comedy, you must check out this hilarious video I found on the site! Search “This Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend“, it features occasional colourful subtitles so it’s just one for grown ups! But I have to say, I’ve never laughed so hard – or wached a video on repeat so many times! GENIUS! Right, well I’d better dash. I’ve got to fit in as many rehearsals before next week when I’ll be recording my Classical Demo CD! Yes, I’m delving into the world of classical singing – move over Katherine Jenkins and Sarah Brightman! I’ve had some wonderful photos done for the MySpace launch next month by up and coming UK based photographer KarinaLax.com – you can see a preview photo here with this weeks column! And if you want to keep up with my latest news in between blogs, you can “Follow” me on twitter.com, my username is thehayleynolan .

See you next week!

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