Health Benefits of Cucumber

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Health Benefits of Cucumber


The cucumber coming from the pumpkin and the squash family is equally beneficial for the health freaks who are always concerned about their diet and health.

Cucumbers are replete in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates and calories. It has so much to offer and yet most of us do not know its benefits.

Being a great natural diuretic cucumbers help you greatly with problems of urination. Not only that, if you have any ailments related to your kidneys, liver and pancreas, then a cucumber is a good solution. The potassium content in a cucumber helps to strike a balance in your blood pressure. The erespin enzyme of cucumber also helps in food digestion and the high amount of sulphur and silicon promotes hair growth especially when cucumber juice is blended with lettuce, spinach and carrot juice.

If you have rheumatic problems leading to uric acid in the body then cucumber juice with carrot juice mixture is a great solution and if you are suffering from pyorrhea cucumber juice alone can help you combat the problem.

Our health problems do not end here, and if you have problems of broken nails and chipped nails of your fingers and toes then cucumber consumption can help greatly as this fruit is replete in minerals. Lastly, for diabetes, cucumber is quite a tasty solution.

We usually use cucumber in salads and juices but rarely do we use cucumber for a spicier taste and cucumber dip in cream cheese sounds like an interesting alternative. The addition of grated onion makes it all the more delicious.

What are the ingredients you will need?

              How will you prepare?

              You will have to blend cream cheese, grated onion and the chopped cucumber. Continue to add half and half until this mixture is smooth enough and remember to add salt as much is required. Finally, when the mixture is done, and you are all set to serve, garnish it with the thin slices of cucumber. With this, you can easily make one cup of cucumber dipping.

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