Healthy Drinks To Lose Weight

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Healthy Drinks To Lose Weight


Slim and sexy models on the cover page of magazines are envied by almost every one. No one likes love handles or sagging bellies, stop me if I am wrong.

Over weight can not only give you complex but it can also lead to many diseases including heart problems, blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes.If you face this problem, don’t worry because you are not the only one with extra bulges.

Tension is not the solution; get ready to slide in your favourite slim fit denims without hassles – like heavy exercises or crash diets. Just have a look at the quick weight loss guide which includes delicious weight loss drinks.

Ice Water

Really interesting and true – drinking 8-10 glasses of ice water in a day can help you manifold in your fat loss regime. Ice water burns calories and it can easily help in shedding 1lb just in a week.

Green Tea

Green tea not only helps in keeping you fresh but it can help you in weight loss. By drinking 3-5 cups of green tea in a day, you can burn up to 35 percent- 43 percent of fat. Make sure you are not adding sugar or milk to it.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is nutritious as well as delicious. If you take one glass of it an hour before your meals, you can burn up to 135 percent of calories. You can also add two three leaves of mint for flavour. Plus, mint can refresh you and you will never feel weak despite of the fat loss.


You can replace your breakfast sandwiches with a cup of yogurt. It will not only keep your tummy stuffed, but the calcium present in yogurt can help burning the fats.

Low fat milk

Low fat milk is healthy and doctors and nutritionists recommend it because it’s filling, and you do not crave for food or snacks. Having 3-4 glasses of low fat milk a day, one can lose up to 70 percent of fat within a week.

You must also practice physical activities like taking stairs instead of elevator, mild stretching exercises and brisk walks, which will substantially help you get rid of the fat. If you follow proper diets plans and imbibe the above mention drinks you will definitely be successful in the quick weight loss programme.

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Quick news about games, health, travel, tv, movies