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Healthy Home - Home Cigarette Smoke - Get Rid Of Allergy - Childhood Allergy » How to have a healthy homeDoes you child fall ill every month with or without any specific reason, which leaves you feeling terrified and anxious about your child’s health? Then your home might just be the reason for your child or any other family member falling ill often. So before it’s too late make conscious efforts to get rid of most common allergy triggers that are affecting you. Here are some of the solutions, read them out!

Do you know that air conditioner at home is a good way to dehumidify the air? Also, many AC’s come with special filters that keep the dust and other allergy-causing materials out of the house. So don’t wait any longer, just find out the one that suits you and make vital use of them.

Make sure you dust your house as often as possible. This is because dust often triggers off some allergies. If you are a busy couple and find it difficult to clean your home everyday, remember to do so every couple of days as this is mandatory.

Always keep in mind that the bed linens and pillow covers are a major hub of dust mites and other allergy triggers. Make sure you wash you child’s bed sheets in hot water. For best results, keep them in the hot sun very few days.

You will be surprised to read out that cigarette smoke is one of the major reasons for childhood allergy. So be strict in your home atmosphere and do not let any member of your home to lit a cigarette and smoke it within home, not even your guests. Also, keep yourself at a distance from artificial air-fresheners.

You must keep reminding your child to keep his or her hands clean, especially before and after meals he or she walks in after play. health

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