Homemade Cheese And Cracker Appetizer

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Homemade Cheese And Cracker Appetizer


There are very few people who do not like cheese. From young kids to old people everyone loves the taste of the cheese. People who are into cheese know the flavors of various cheese .Homemade Cheese And Cracker Appetizer

There are different varieties of cheese found all over the world. Cheese and cracker appetizer can be really simple and very quick. If you have many guests coming over to your place this is the best appetizer that can be served on tray. Do not forget to serve your guests some wine when you re serving cheese and crackers.

Plain Cheese And Crackers With Avocado Dip

There are few good recipes of cheese and crackers. One very simple recipe is just sprinkling some shredded cheese on the crackers and baking them in the oven till the cheese melts and turns in to brown color. This is a simple and fast recipe that can be tried any time.

Crackers taste very delicious when they have very good toppings. Toppings can be made from different things. The easiest toping is the baked bean topping with some cheddar cheese. Another great topping that you can prepare at home is with avocado and gourd cheese. Take some avocado, mix it well in the bowl, add some chopped chilies, pepper, salt, little lime juice for taste and add some good amount of gourd cheese. Mix the whole thing together until you get a soft paste. Heat up the crackers until they are brown and then apply the paste on the cracker.

Roasted Beef On Crackers

If you love beef and pork you can definitely do something great with it and put it on the crackers. They will taste delicious. You have to marinate the beef or pork stake along with some crashed garlic pepper, and sea salt. You can also put some dry thyme and Del leaves for more taste. Leave it in the oven for an hour until the steak is completely cooked. Take some small shredded chunks of the beef roast in a bowl and mix it well with some sour cream, halumi and cream cheese.

Halumi cheese is very salty so be careful when you are putting the salt. Now spread the whole paste on the pieces of crackers and sprinkle with some chopped chives and serve it hot. If you don’t want beef you can also do this with chicken or turkey and if you are fond of shrimps you can also top your cracker with nice creamy shrimps mixed with mayonnaise.

Tomato And Cheese Cracker

For this take some cream cheese in a bowl, put some chives, marjoram, and some crushed garlic and mix well till it is very creamy and smooth. When all the things have been blended together smear it on top of some hot crackers and garnish it with some grated cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes or you can also use some sun dried tomatoes.

If you don’t like tomatoes you can also put something else like pickled jalapeno for a change. For come more innovation you can also put some sliced shrimps and boiled chicken in the paste and smear it on the crackers. They are easy to make, they are delicious and takes very less time to cook. They are also hustle free cooking.

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