Hotels in Varadero

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Hotels in Varadero


If you are planning plenty of sun, billowy waves and a host of adventure sports for your next vacation, then Varadero Island can be a good option. This Cuban tourist hot-spot boasts of a gorgeous sprawling 20 km beach and features some of the finest and all-inclusive beach resorts.

Varadero hotels in fact make for a big part of the charm of the place. Many of these hotels offer a wide range of services at an affordable price and whether you are looking for a relaxation tour or one filled with activities, a stay in these luxurious hotels will only enrich your Varadero experience.

Plus Paradisus Varadero Resort

This is arguably the best resort that you are going to find in this island. This Varadero hotel is located at the most scenic part of the Varadero beach and has beautifully furnished rooms overlooking the sea.

Apart from an indoor swimming pool and a terrace garden, the hotel features a fitness centre with sophisticated jacuzzi and spa-sites. The hotel also houses a number of restaurants famous for their culinary refinement. The most popular of these food places however is the terrace restaurant specializing in Cuban cuisine.

Barceló Marina Palace Resort

Visitors looking for a more private experience may check in at this Varadero hotel and resort. Beside the usual facilities this ultra-luxe hotel offers, the prime attraction is the private beach area the hotel owns. The place is called Barceló Cayo Libertad Royal Island and is only accessible to the boarders at Barceló Marina Palace.

So for lovebirds and honeymooners looking to shun the world and get lost in themselves, this resort may just be the perfect place to spend their Varadero days.

Iberostar Varadero Resort

This Varadero hotel is a good option for sports lovers and ones who are looking to hit it out on the azure Varadero waters. The resort offers separate adventure sports packages for their patrons and also has an 18-hole private golf course.

Hotels in Varadero

The on-site spa at the fitness centre of the hotel is a particular favorite among the boarders. The place is ideal for family vacation too, with separate swimming pools for children and adults.

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