How Chris Hemsworth Really Stays Ripped


How Chris Hemsworth Really Stays Ripped


When Chris Hemsworth first landed the role of Thor, he knew he wanted to look the part. As such, he enlisted trainer and former Navy SEAL Duffy Gaver to help him bulk up for the role.

According to Muscle & Fitness, Gaver put Hemsworth on an "old-school bodybuilding" routine designed to help him add weight while building serious muscle. And all told, Hemsworth put on about 20 pounds to play the role. So what, exactly is, an old-school bodybuilding approach?

"It was just red meat, heavy weights, and some protein powder," Gaver told Muscle & Fitness. That, and Hemsworth's dedication to his workouts, of course. The duo hit the gym five to six days a week, targeting each muscle group (back, chest, legs, shoulders, arms, and abs) with intense and heavy strength training. While Hemsworth has since transitioned to a more functional fitness approach, with less focus on standard weight training exercises like the bench press, it's hard to deny that the old-school approach can deliver Thor-like results. 



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