How To Build Muscle Without Weights

How To Build Muscle Without Weights


You may find it hard to make it to the gym routinely due to your job or travel. But just because you don’t have the ability to get to a gym doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to work out and build muscle. In fact, you don’t even need to lift weights to build strength and muscle.

Most people think that you cannot build muscle and strength without the use of weights, but this is not the case. It is true that you may see better results with the use of weights but if you are unable to make it to the gym for a period of time, there are exercises that you can do to keep up with your muscle building plan. All that is required is your own body. Your body weight will take the place of free weights. And the more that you weigh, the more weight you have to lift.

If you are new to exercising, weightless training may be the way to go to start off and get your muscles ready. Weightless exercises will stimulate the smaller muscles in your body. If you are an experienced weight lifter, you too can perform these types of exercises and benefit from them. Here are some examples of weightless exercises that will cause your muscles to react.


Push-ups provide a complete body workout. You may think that they are only working your arms and back but the truth is, they require your entire body to be involved in order to successfully do a push-up and see results. Push-ups will increase your muscle size, strength and endurance. The basic push-up will work your upper body including your chest muscles, your triceps and your deltoids. To get the best results from push-ups you should vary the styles. You can switch from the basic push-up to different hand placements. You can make it harder by using just one hand or adding a clap in between push-ups.


Pull-ups are an incredibly hard weightless exercise because they require that you pull your entire body weight up to a bar. To perform a pull-up you must have great strength. Pull-ups target your arms including your biceps as well as your back and shoulder muscles. They also include your chest and abdominal muscles. Pull-ups will enhance the size of and strengthen your lats. These are the muscles on the side of your upper body underneath the armpits.

Dips target your pectoral muscles and your triceps. Dips are a form of resistance training. You have to use your entire upper body to raise and lower your body. You are also using your core, or abdominal, muscles during a dip.


You’ve seen people at the gym doing squats with barbells across their back. This adds extra weight and makes the squats harder. But you can still work out your legs by doing squats without added weight. Just use your natural body weight. You can vary the workout by doing different types of squats such as jump squats or squatting on one leg.


Don’t forget to include cardio in your weightless workout. Cardio is good for both burning fat and building muscle. Your cardio workout should have varied levels of intensity to be effective.


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