How To Burn Fat


How To Burn Fat


The basic of fat burning is Energy in and Energy out. The burning of carbohydrate to glucose and fat depends on the physical activity and the recent food intake. When using more energy than the intake of food and water, body will burn the fat and carbohydrates and convert into energy for the day to day activities.

Aerobic Exercise: The fundamental of fat burning is decrease amount of calories in diet and increase physical activity. Aerobic exercise program has to be adopted with proper care to inhaling and exhaling. Other than opting Aerobic programs, in the normal course of our life, there are lot of physical activities which provide lot of support for burning out excess calorie. Activities such as Mild running, skipping will enable the body to improve metabolic rate.

Following will provide an idea about the calorie burning ratio.

Walking treadmill for 30 minutes – 180 calories used – 108 calories burned

Running treadmill for 30 minutes – 400 calories used – 120 calories burned

Cardio Exercise: A lean body or a proper shape can’t be achieved without sweating the excess calorie. Cardio exercise helps to achieve good shape. Helps in improving stamina and to be energetic. Cycling, treadmill, cross-trainers, swimming, skipping are cardio exercises. Treadmill helps for burning fat on whole body, cycling for both thighs and stomach. Cross-trainers for hips and thighs.

Resistance Exercise: Commonly used in fitness clubs. Good for burning calorie and bringing very good shape. Also helps in improving stamina. This is a set of weight lifting activity. Doing this exercise at least thrice a week is ideal.

Diet: Healthy diet will play a good role in controlling excess fat. Though all foods do not help in calorie burning, we sould know the food which supports in burning calories at a higher rate. This is good for controlling fat accumulation also. Foods rich with Vitamin C help to burn fats very fast. Lemon, Oranges, Grapes, Acerola Cherry, Watermelon are rich with Vit C. Dilute the saturated fat and flush out from the body. Oatmeal, Skimmed milk, Whole grain cereal are good sources of various vitamins, minerals and fiber energise the body and increase the metabolic rate. Soy is the magic food in burning fat, tryglycerides helps in reducing risk of heart deceases.

Water: Adequate consumption of Pure clean drinking water will help in reducing fat and eliminating extra calories. Provides good support for metabolism.


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