How To Choose Your Clothes For Summers

How To Choose Your Clothes For Summers

How To Choose Your Clothes For Summers - What To Wear This Summer - How To Dress for Summer | How to - How to SolutionsVery often we crib about summer being hotter than usual and how it is getting unbearable day by day. While it is ok when we are at work and at home in front of the air conditioning, but the problem arises when we go out.

Like vegetable and fruits, which are available according to the season, so is the case with clothes. Taking care of what you wear in summers help ward off the heat to quiet an extent. Here are few things that you should remember when planning your summer wardrobe.

In summers you should wear light natural fabric which lets the skin breath. Cotton is the most preferred option; jute fabrics are also available which are good for summers. Avoid synthetic material as it sticks to the skin.

Colors worn in summers are different from the ones worn in winters; go for light and pastel shades. Colors and prints have psychological effect, someone wearing black color with bold print will give a feeling of hot summer but on the other hand white or lemon shirt will give a feeling of coolness. Go for small prints, flowers, butterflies etc are very common. Gaudy colors and dark motifs are definite no.

Do not overdress, wearing jackets stoles etc should be avoided, short dresses maybe without sleeves and T Shirts are more popular in summers. Wear loose clothes, it not only gives you a relaxed feel but allows the air to pass through. Tight jeans are best avoided, wear loose trousers. Shorts or 3/4th trousers are also good options for evenings out with friends.

Go for accessories like hats, caps, bandanas etc. Sunglasses of different variety are available, go for the one which matches your faces and personality, big ones are also good as they cover more of the eyes and therefore the light which reached the eye is much lesser. Swimming is fun in summers so invest in good swimwear. Footwear for office or formal wear will depend on the dress code and occasion but for casual outings with family and friends you can wear sandals or floaters.

Appropriate dressing in summers can not only make you more comfortable when you step out but also make a statement about your fashion quotient. beauty style

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