How To Get A Glowing Face


How To Get A Glowing Face


How To Get A Glowing Face - Matt Look Face - Healthy Face Bright Glowing - Home Remedies For A Glowing Face - Tips For Glowing Face By Natural Ways » How to give a matt look to your faceThinking of thick eyebrows, matt brown lips and freshly scrubbed face? Yes it all a part of that matt look. Trust me; once again this matt look is making a big comeback on the makeup circuit. The greatest advantage of matt look is the fact that it looks awesome on all kinds of Indian skin tones. This is a classic makeup face that will look fantastic on every woman. Moreover you can get it easily too, just follow the below written steps to get the matt look on your face.


Start with the foundation. The face needs to look tanned and healthy. You can use a honey-toned foundation to bring out the natural glow on your face. Now, buff it perfectly into the skin with good foundation brush.

For eyes:
For eye, choose the rich brown eyeliner and apply it on the eye socket. Blend it well. Then take a glimmer brown eye shadow and apply it nicely on the eyelid with an eye bush. After this, add a glam dimension with shades of bronze on the lids. Now take a dip down liner and smudge it underneath the bottom lash line using an eye brush. Then line the top outer corner of your eyes as well. Make sure your hands are super steady. An easy way is to use the same eyeliner you lined your peepers and apply on the outer corners of your eyes. Then simply smudge and blend till you get a subtle smoky look. And then add tons of mascara and strengthen your eyebrows with it. This will make all the difference.

For lips:
For lips, line and use a matt brown shade that suits your skin. Finish with a touch of copper powder blush on the cheekbones. fitness

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