How To Get A Million Dollar Smile


How To Get A Million Dollar Smile


How To Get A Million Dollar Smile - Million Dollar Smile - million dollar smile reviews - One Million Dollar Smile » How to get a million dollar smileConfused about how to attract the people with your smile? Want to be the center of attraction with million dollar smile? Then here are some ways that can help you to maintain those pearly whites in their best form.Drink green tea
Green tea contains antioxidant that prevents plaque from sticking to your teeth. Green tea reduces the chances of plaques, therefore the development of cavities and gums diseases too reduce to a much significant level. So, don’t worry more, just a have cup of green tea for keeping the gum problems at bay.

Use straw
Soft drinks, like Pepsi, coca cola, soda and other juice contains acids for e.g. citric acid that can erode your tooth’s enamel. But whenever you use a straw for drinking these items, you limit the contact between your teeth and acids, thereby ensuring that they stay pearly white.

Go for a complete meal
Remember to have a complete meal at a one go; don’t just stick to the habit of eating in short intervals. This is because every time you feed yourself with carbohydrate rich meal, the carbs in your food gets broken down into simple sugar. The bacteria in our mouth convert this sugar into plaque which may give birth to various gum diseases and cavities. So, better you have a complete meal in one time.

Have vitamin C
It has been proved that people who are low on vitamin C have 25% more chances of suffering from gum diseases than others. So, better you switch on to vitamin C rich diet for keeping yourself away from gum problems. Feed yourself with oranges and lemon fruits.

Opt for calcium rich diet
Make sure your daily diet contains calcium rich foodstuffs like cheese, milk, yoghurt. This is because calcium helps in strengthening your jaw’s alveolar bone. fashion how-to-get-a-million-dollar-smile million-dollar-smile million-dollar-smile-reviews one-million-dollar-smile

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