How To Get An Underweight Child To Gain Weight


How To Get An Underweight Child To Gain Weight


How To Get An Underweight Child To Gain Weight - Diet Tips For Underweight Children » Some Simple Tips To Increase The Weight Of An Underweight ChildWell being of a child depends a lot on the health of a child. A child can achieve lots of milestones if he possesses a good health. A healthy child is strong mentally and emotionally. The health of a child mostly depends on the food habits of the child.

The responsible parents look after the nutritional needs of their child so they always try to feed their child with balanced diet. A balanced diet contains all the required nutrients for the body which helps in the development of the muscles, brain, and other organ systems.

The body gets a better immune system when it gets the balanced diet. In spite of all the efforts taken by the parents, a child might not gain the proper weight as needed at different ages. The reasons of a child being underweight are many.

Regular measurement of the weight of a child can help us to draw the conclusion whether a child is underweight or not and the parents or caregivers should take certain steps so that the child can put on some weight. Lack of some of the vital nutrients from the daily diet is one of reasons of a child being underweight.

Another reason could be the child being allergic to certain food items. Prolonged illness also makes a child underweight. Some children do not have their digestive system fully developed so they cannot digest food items which are heavy like dairy products and oily foodstuffs.

But before recognizing a reason of the child’s underweight, it is better to visit the doctor on regular basis to make sure there are no medical problems related to it.

Plan the diet chart of an underweight child carefully

The paediatricians can diagnose the actual cause of a child’s underweight by performing the tests which are required and can refer the parents to an expert dietician. When you are planning a diet chart of an underweight child it is better to consult a nutritionist. If your child is underweight then you must give your child some fatty foods.

Fats are quick source of energy and fatty foods keep the body warm. Many children are fussy about their food and they have wrong eating habits. Many children watch television while eating their food which make them distracted from their meal thus they do not have proper weight gain. The parents should be extra careful about their diet plan.

Such children should have their foods 5-6 times a day instead of 3 times a day. Give them snacks in between main meals so that they do not miss out even if they do not eat their full meals. Try to change the items of the meals and make them tastier so that the child likes it.

Most of the children like the diets which have chocolates and sugar in them. Do not allow them to have much of it. The diet plan of the underweight children should have sufficient amount of milk, fruits, green leafy vegetables and meat.

Right intake of calories can result in weight gain

Children will not put on weight if they are not given enough calories and some children are very active so they burn much more calories compared to what they are consuming. So parents should include food with high calories in the diet plan of their underweight children.

Peanut butter, milkshakes made up of different fruits like mangoes and bananas are very good sources of high calories. Give them food with healthy fats such as nuts, vegetable oils, avocados as fat is a quick source of energy and helps the active children in making up their loss of calories. Give your underweight child a diet full of carbohydrates.

Foods such as bread and rice are good sources of carbohydrates. Pasta is also good source of carbohydrates. Though certain foods like chocolates, sugary foods, and fried foods are good sources of calories but children should not be encouraged to have these foods as more intake of these foodstuff have a very detrimental effect on the health of the children.

Make the meals interesting and tempting for the children

Make the change in their diet plan according to the likes and dislikes of the children. Give them a thicker slice of white bread which will give them more energy. Give them different items made of white bread such as muffins, pitas and others. While giving them the bread put toppings which have high energy values such as mayonnaise, peanut butter and cheese.

Try to give them egg-based dishes and milk for the breakfast which will provide protein and energy both. Give them mashed potatoes or potatoes stuffed with high energy products like hams, cheese and others so that they get extra calories. Give them food cooked in olive oil and topped with cheese or cream.

You can serve boiled vegetables or chicken or fish with a topping of cheese or cream. Change the ingredients of the different food and you can see the change. Make soups by using milk. Make the desserts carefully so that these become the source of energy for your child. Serve custard with different fruits or make puddings with banana and other fruits so that the child can make up for the extra need of calories.

Give your child snacks in between which will be the source of energy for your child. The snacks could be yoghurts, corns with cheese or cream, bread slices with salami, crackers with a topping of cream or cheese. The idea is that anything which is healthy and at the same time can provide enough energy to the child is welcome.

You can even give them popcorns and small pizzas for their snacks. Just try to make the meal interesting for the child according to his likes so that he is tempted to eat more. The basic idea to increase the weight of the child is making changes in his diet pattern.

If a child follows good eating habits on daily basis then the weight of the child can be surely increased in a short period of time. However, there may be cases when a child is unable to gain weight in spite of the good eating habits in such cases a child should be consulted to a doctor immediately and it may be because of some internal problem.

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