How to get fitter faster » How to get fitter faster


How to get fitter faster » How to get fitter faster


How to get fitter faster » How to get fitter fasterHey do you want to look like a goddess on this New Year’s Eve? Then here are some handy pre-party fitness plans for all of you out there! Follow these written tips to get the best looks on this New Year celebration.

Start your day with a glass of hot water and lemon. This will cleanse your body system in a nice way. Make sure you avoid colas and other aerated drinks anywhere and everywhere. Instead go for drinks like coconut water, fresh fruit juices, veggie soups and herbal teas over other drinks. Remember that alcohol is a big no-no.

Avoid eating processed food items. Remember that food containing maida, ghee, butter, rich sauces; cookies, oily foods, chicken, sugar, creams, cakes chips, whole milk, pastries and sweet chocolates hardly do any good to your body. So it’s best to avoid them at any cost. If you continuous feeding your body with such foodstuffs, it ill slow down your process of getting fitter. Try being a vegetarian for a month and see the changes in your body yourself. However, you can include eggs and fishes in your diet. Do include Soya.

Avoid sacking as much as possible. Instead what you can do is to have proper meals at four-hourly intervals. If still hunger strikes you, replace the snacks with your favorite fruit.

For cleansing, drink sufficient amount of water. If you still feel bloated, constipated, sluggish try out ishabgol or any other laxative.

Always keep in mind that eating right is incomplete if you don’t exercise. So maintain a sound exercising plan that you can follow and stick to. If you too buy with you life, then make sure that you at least take a daily walk of 30 minutes to keep yourself on healthy way. fitness

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