How to Improve your Public Speaking Ability

How to Improve your Public Speaking Ability

How to Improve your Public Speaking Ability - How To Improve Speaking Skills - How to be an Effective Speaker | How to - How to SolutionsPublic speaking is an art. It needs a lot of confidence. A person can be a good public speaker naturally. However, for some of us, public speaking skills have to be developed consciously.

An effective speaker should be able to draw the attention of the audience and retain it by his/her captivating performance or speaking skills.

Know your topic well or choose topics that you are more passionate about. Research on the topic and jot down important points you can mention while speaking. Do not deviate from the topic. Be focused.

Introduce yourself to the audience and greet/welcome them. Know the audience you are dealing with and speak to them at a level they would feel comfortable in.

Speak in manner that is easy to understand. Do not be in a hurry. Speak clearly. Pronounce the words correctly and avoid accent if possible. Complete your sentences. Do not eat up the ending words or leave it for the audience to understand. Do not mumble the last few words or signal it using hand gestures.

Avoid using jargon or very technical terms. Do not speak in the same tone. Adjust your volume depending upon the point you want to make. Raise the pitch when you want to highlight a point. Take a pause to create suspense and raise the curiosity of the audience. In this way, you will avoid making a dull and monotonous speech.

Practice many times before your final speech. At the same time, do not expect things to be perfect. Improvise depending upon the situation. Apologize if there is a delay and the audience were kept waiting.

Do not look down or at the walls most of the time. Make a contact with people. To engage them and draw their interest, encourage their participation through discussion, debates etc. Make the session interactive rather than a one way process.

Relax. Be calm and confident. Be enthusiastic about your speech and interaction with people. career-amp-work works

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