How to Improve Your Speaking Ability

How to Improve Your Speaking Ability

How to Improve Your Speaking Ability - How To Improve Speaking Skills - Improve Your Communication Skills | How to - How to SolutionsSpeaking is an easy way to communicate your thoughts and ideas. Plain speaking, however, does not attract attention and interest. Some people are naturally great speakers, however, some have to hone their skills, improvise and learn methods to improve their speaking/oral communication skills.

Begin by setting a tone and style of speaking. Be comfortable with the voice you have. If you find your voice to be hoarse or rough, take better care of your voice by gargling, avoiding oily, spicy, greasy food and consumption of very chilled water.

Appreciate the natural voice you have, rather than trying to ape somebody’s voice. Set a tone and pitch at which you will talk. You can use a microphone in large gatherings to be heard well, but maintain the pitch and tone.

Do not speak in a monotonous tone. Be enthusiastic when you are talking. When you are making points of importance, highlight it by either raising your voice, taking a pause or by using your body language.

Do not go on talking constantly. Take pause when a sentence ends. Take a smaller pause when there is a comma. Imagine how you would write those sentences using exact punctuation and exclamation marks, and convert your speech in the same style. This will add grace to your speech.

To improve speaking skills, practice and rehearsal are very important. Jot down the points or make a mental note of the points you will speak about and practice it. Look at yourself in the mirror and practice.

Alternatively, you could record yourself using a digital camera or using your mobile phone. Watch the recording and mark areas where you need to improve. It could be the way you speak, the level of eye contact, your hand movement, your body posture and so on.

Watching yourself and honestly judging your performance is important for the exercise to be meaningful. You may also take help of honest friends or relatives who can suggest the places where you need to improve. Do not take criticism negatively. See it as an opportunity to improve. career-amp-work careers education

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