How To Keep Your Husband Happy


How To Keep Your Husband Happy


How To Keep Your Husband Happy - Ways & Tips To Keep Your Husband Happy » How To Keep Your Husband HappyWe are all familiar with the hype around keeping a woman happy and how to understand your women, etc. But there is very little thought or emphasis given to the fact that men also need some special attention and care.

Men are notoriously known for keeping their feelings under wraps and very rarely voicing their wants and needs. It becomes even more difficult in those circumstances to gauge what they are feeling and understand their mind.

Fortunately, men are relatively easy to be please and there is very little effort required to bring a smile on your husband’s face.

Your husband is the pillar of your house, your strength and your weakness. He is always there to cheer you up when you are feeling low and never complains about your errant mood swings. He is there to take care of all your needs; he is your Jack of all trades and never frowns at the late meals or at your bad cooking.

In the initial days of our marriage, we are eager to please each other with small things, but as time goes and we are busy in our day-to-day lives, the romance is somehow lost. And this is not effecting only the women, the men are equally bored and finding themselves in a rut during this time. It is time to give some thought on how to make your husband feel special and happy by doing something for him.

Give him a surprise: Women demand their quota of romance and surprises. They feel neglected and unloved when the men in their lives are found short in keeping them happy with special gifts and surprises. The same feeling is shared by men too; they also have a need to feel special and loved. He is bored with the same routine in office and coming home to a meal eaten in front of the television. You can plan a special night for him, cook his favorite meal, get his favorite drink and let him enjoy his special music. He will surely feel your love and thoughtfulness.

Spice up the bedroom: In the later years of your marriage, the sex takes the back seat and you somehow find yourself doing the routine stuff in the bedroom. Men love variety in their sex-life and get excited by something new. Maybe it is time for you to lose those extra pounds, get some sexy lingerie and get a little naughty and creative in the bedroom.

Stop the nagging: Nagging is probably the worst thing you can bring in to your marriage and the best way to irritate your husband. Women think that their husbands are actually listening and obeying them when they are being nagged, on the contrary the husbands are doing the same things they were doing all these while, only this time in secret. Refrain from nagging and see the difference in your relationship.

Give some space: The most basic difference in a man and a woman is that men need space and freedom and women need security and cuddling. Men are by nature more independent and like their freedom and breathing space. Instead of taking that as a sign of indifference or less love, you should instead understand your husband’s need of solitariness and leave him to his devices and friends once in a while. relationships

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