How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger


How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger


How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger - Tips to Make A Small Room Seem Bigger » Tips to Make a Small Room Appear BigAll good things come in small packages. So does the small room you live in. Don’t be bothered about not being able to live in a house where the room is as large as the dining mess of a hostel. Many people nowadays prefer staying in small houses.

Maintaining small space is convenient than taking care of a large house. Besides it’s easier to find lost items in a small house than in a bigger one. Still not convinced with the argument? Don’t fret. Read on to know how to create illusion of space in your room.

Clear out all the unwanted material. Getting rid of the junk will automatically make space in the room. Put mirrors on the walls. Mirrors reflect light and hence make the area appear bigger.

Along with mirrors, you could also place some metallic decorations that have reflective surfaces. They will also work along with the mirror to give a spacious feel. Use lighter shades on the wall and also for curtains and linen. Subtle shades project light better. Hence the effect of natural and artificial light is more.

Stick to monochromatic scheme of colors. You don’t want to shock your guests. Besides, it will help the room look warm, inviting and open.

Keep minimum possible furniture in the room. Of course you can’t do away with the bed. But side tables and extra chairs can be gotten rid off. Place the bed side lamp on a wooden shelf mounted on the wall.

Opt for twin beds instead of king size or queen size ones. Twin beds will serve your purpose of sleeping just fine. Books should be put on the book rack that is in built in the wall. Have in built cabinets in the wall to avoid keeping cupboards inside the room.

Instead of a separate dressing table, buy the mirror that comes attached on to the door of a cupboard. Keep small decorative items to a minimum. Avoid too many hangings on the wall. One is enough. But ensure that the hanging is a big one since it will make the rest of the room appear larger.

Bigger windows will also make the room look big, especially if they are kept open. Keeping the windows open will let in natural light which is again going to help. Maintain a neat and tidy room. Cluttering can make even a big one look small. home-amp-decor

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