How To Make Chocolate Ganache

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How To Make Chocolate Ganache


Get set to indulge in the decadence, scintillating taste and incredible texture of chocolate ganache. This amazingly versatile recipe prepared from duo key ingredients, namely double whipping cream and chocolate of choice is just what chocoholics adore.

Recipe For Chocolate Ganache

Get inventive and try different variations of chocolate ganache recipe by using white chocolate or milk chocolate and using a lesser fat content cream. You can also use it as filling in dates or strawberries.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 6


Organic heavy whipping cream or double cream (240 millilitres)
Top quality Dark chocolate (70%) (Bitter-sweet/semi sweet) (250 grams)
Butter (114 grams)
Cognac, rum, brandy or Irish cream or any flavoured liqueur (2 tablespoons), optional
Vanilla or almond extract (one teaspoon)
Instant granular coffee (one teaspoon), optional


The double cream along with butter is firstly heated in a pan and then placed over a stove at moderate flame or microwave and just brought to boiling point. Some ground cinnamon too can be added to the cream while boiling it. The chocolate can also be melted by placing the pieces in microwave on low setting for twenty seconds intervals till it is totally melted. The temperature of chocolate must ideally be 110 degrees Fahrenheit temperature which can be best checked with a food thermometer.

A good tip for preparing the best ganache is to make an emulsion by slowly pouring small batches of the heated heavy cream into the melted chocolate mix properly with a rubber spatula and continue doing so till the cream is completely incorporated into the melted chocolate. Avoid vigorous mixing as we don’t want to end up with bubbles in the ganache when it is finally prepared. Choice of almond or vanilla extract, alcohol or liqueur or instant granular coffee too can be added, if preferred.

Another way of preparing the ganache is pouring the boiled double cream all over chopped pieces of chocolate and setting aside sans mixing for some minutes, prior to stirring in a gentle manner till you get a silky, glossy mix.

Ganache can even be prepared by cooking the double cream as well as the chocolate pieces atop a double boiler placed over bubbling water till it develops a velvet-like consistency. Mix intermittently.

The slightly cooled ganache can be used immediately to glaze cakes or torte, however, when firstly refrigerated it ensures that no sheen of the ganache is lost after layering and slathering to get an even finish.

Strain any remnant ganache for removing any cake tidbits and could be ideal for making truffles. The ganache must be covered with a plastic wrap and placed under refrigeration till it has firmed up (for many hours or throughout the night). The ganache can now be rolled into tiny globular pieces, rolled in some powdery sugar, dessicated coconut, ground assorted nuts or cocoa powder. The truffles could be manually shaped or a tiny spoon can be deployed for the purpose. Truffles stay fresh under refrigeration for a few weeks or when frozen can last for some months.

In case you are looking for a dense frosting or ornate piping then the ganache ought to be cooled for a truffle-similar consistency.

The ganache will be setting to a thicker texture when left for a lengthier span of time to cool down. Optionally it can be kept at room temperature for a couple of hours and used as piping over freshly baked cup cakes. Some prefer refrigerating (not freezing) their ganache for cooling it to a slight extent before they plan to whip it. Lesser chocolate to double cream proportion will give you a thinner consistency ganache.Irrespective of the way one decides to wolf down ganache it is sure to please your palate and any craving for chocolate.

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How To Make Chocolate Ganache

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