How To Make Studio Apartments Cozy » Useful Tips To Make Your Studio Apartment Cozy And Comfortable


How To Make Studio Apartments Cozy » Useful Tips To Make Your Studio Apartment Cozy And Comfortable


How To Make Studio Apartments Cozy » Useful Tips To Make Your Studio Apartment Cozy And ComfortableA studio apartment is also known as an efficiency apartment. This is because a studio apartment is a one room living space where there are no walls or separation of rooms between the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The only separate space is the bathroom.

In other words, there is no physical division between these rooms. Instead, a studio apartment is one continuous space. A studio apartment is very popular among many people because of the cost effective way of living it offers.

The maintenance of a studio apartment is quite low and it is most preferred by people who live alone. Since there is one continuous space in such an apartment, it is often wrongly conceived that the space is limited. This is not true; a studio apartment can have a large space as well.

Decorating and designing a studio apartment can be a little challenging since there is no wall to demarcate each room. However, if a studio apartment is decorated in the right way, it can create a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.

Whether it is a house or a regular apartment or a studio apartment, at the end of the day, it is what we call home and therefore it is important that the home is a comfortable place which helps us to relax. The following article will tell you how to make studio apartments cozy and comfortable.

Tips To Make A Studio Apartment Comfortable


One of the first things to note while designing your studio apartment is the measurement of the total space. Since there are no walls, it can be difficult to get an exact idea of the space that is available. Hence you should measure the space so that you can divide it according to the different spaces you will need for your sleeping area, living area and kitchen and so on.

The measurement of the studio apartment is also important because you may end up buying furniture that is too big for one space if you have not measured your apartment. For instance, if you buy a bed that is too huge, it will eat up space from your living area or dining area.


Along with the measurement, you can draw a rough sketch of how you want the different spaces in your apartment to be divided. This will help you to get a rough idea of the kinds of furniture that you will buy for the different spaces in your apartment.

Before you buy your furniture and other objects for decorating your apartment, it is quite common to visualize the kind of furniture and objects that you will buy. This visualizing is more important for a studio apartment because you will need to accommodate your furniture effectively.

How To Make Studio Apartments Cozy » Useful Tips To Make Your Studio Apartment Cozy And Comfortable

Also, with regard to how to make studio apartments cozy, the designing of your studio apartment will conform to your personality and tastes. Hence while some people like their spaces to be as uncluttered and minimally occupied as possible, there are others who want more pieces of furniture.

Similarly, there are different designs of furniture and decor which reflect different moods. Hence the furniture and other objects of décor that you buy will determine how comfortable and cozy you can make your apartment.


Lighting is a very important aspect of designing a studio apartment. The lighting has to be done in an intelligent manner so that it covers different living spaces if you want them too. Usually studio apartment that allows for a lot of natural lighting is most preferred by people.

Natural light also creates the impression that the space available is larger than it actually is. Other than this, wall mounted light fixtures are ideal for studio apartments. You need to position your lights in such a manner as to maximize their purpose.

Color Combinations

Since the space inside a studio apartment is one continuous space, it is important not to make the individual living spaces feel confined. Hence studio apartments look best if you use soft colors.

You can also have one wall in a dark contrasting color while the other walls are of a lighter shade to give an interesting contour to the apartment. Also, you can coordinate the color of the walls with your furniture so that they create a sense of harmony and space inside the apartment.


Choosing the right furniture and furnishings for your studio apartment is a very important part regarding how to make studio apartments cozy. If you do not have a large enough space inside your apartment, you can economize your furniture in interesting ways.

For instance you can have a sofa that doubles as a bed to save space. In some studio apartment, there is sufficient height to make room for a loft. If you can create a loft then this area is ideal as a bedroom or a study area. The primary point to keep in mind with regard to arrangement of your furniture is that you have to make as much room as possible along with the furniture.

One interesting way in which you can create divisions among the different living spaces is through the placement of your furniture. For instance you can keep a long bookcase in between your living area and dining area. You can also place a panel divider to separate your sleeping area if there is no loft.

Storage spaces are also very important in studio apartments. It is undesirable that you keep too many wardrobes and drawers in a studio apartment because then your apartment will look cluttered. Hence you need to design your furniture in such a manner that they allow for storage spaces within them. For instance your tables can have drawers and you can also buy a bed that comes with drawers.


Last but not the least, how to make studio apartments cozy depends on the accessories that you choose for decoration. Remember to keep decorations at a minimum so that your space feels larger. For instance, instead of many small items you can keep one large picture on a wall. Accessorizing your apartment depends entirely on your tastes and personality.

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