How To Make Tiramisu Cheesecake Dessert

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How To Make Tiramisu Cheesecake Dessert


Coffee was not traditionally considered a great complement with sweets or desserts. But along came tiramisu and changed all perspectives. If cheesecake is a delicacy, then tiramisu was like a cherry on top. The coffee flavored cheesecake engages each of your senses and heightens the pleasure of eating one. Every bite gives you the kick of caffeine but melts in your mouth exactly just lie how a true cheesecake should be.How To Make Tiramisu Cheesecake Dessert

Difficulty Level: Moderate
Preparation Time: Sixty Minutes
Total Time Taken: Sixty Minutes Plus Setting Time
Servings: Eight


Sugar – half cup
Sour cream – four ounces
Cream cheese – eight ounces
Mascarpone cheese – eight ounces
Heavy cream – four ounces
White rum – one tablespoon plus one ounce
Thawed whipped topping – four ounces
Espresso or cold coffee – 1 cup brewed
Italian ladyfingers – one 7 ounce pack

Garnishes If Required

Powdered baking cocoa
Chocolate ganache
Powdered sugar
Chocolate coated espresso beans
Chocolate curls
Chopped nut or better still chopped pecans

Preparation Procedure

(1)   Bring all ingredients to room temperature. This step is essential to the making of tiramisu cheesecake. Take a large bowl and mold cream cheese until it reaches a smooth consistency. Next, add in mascarpone cheese and beat them together till they become smooth.

(2)   Whisk in rum and sugar and beat again till the mixture becomes smooth. Subsequently, combine heavy cream as well as sour cream and blend well. Finally, stir in whipped topping and make the entire mass as smooth as possible.

(3)   Take about five ladyfingers and crush them in a food processor or blender until they break down into fine crumbs.

(4)   Take an eight inch spring form pan and butter sides and bottom. Make a heavy sprinkling of ladyfinger crumbs at the bottom of the pan. Scoop out half the cheesecake mixture into the pan. At this stage, pour in liquor and coffee.

(5)   Take each of the ladyfingers and soak them in the coffee. Take care not to make them soggy; they will just have to be coated. Place them separately on the half filled pan. Use remaining cheesecake concoction to top the space in the pan. Take a knife and smooth the mixture so that it falls flat and even.

(6)   An optional step would be to squirt chocolate ganache from a bottle forming concentric circles on the top of the flattened cheesecake mixture. You can take a toothpick and draw out cross lines thus forming a web.

(7)   Next, cover the pan with foil and chill in a refrigerator for at least twelve hours. This time may increase in certain cases until tiramisu cheesecake dessert firms up.

(8)   Take a wide spatula and cut out pieces when ready to serve. Decorate with strawberries and powdered sugar or cocoa.

Further Information

Italian ladyfingers are more like the texture of biscuits. They are hard unlike sponge fingers. Decorating the serving plate with chocolate ganache can also be done for novelty. Besides adding to the flavor of tiramisu cheesecake dessert; chocolate ganache, strawberries and pecan nuts look beautiful as garnish.

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How To Make Tiramisu Cheesecake Dessert

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