How to Overcome Fatigue & Fighting Fatigue with Diet

How to Overcome Fatigue & Fighting Fatigue with Diet

Fatigue is something that almost every person, young or old, faces sometime or the other during his or her life. Prolonged fatigued condition often shows upon the mood and people often do not know how to cope with it. It is actually a condition where the mind and body get exhausted. Though rest is the body’s natural way to overcome the condition, there are times when rest is at a premium. So the only way left to overcome such condition is through diet.

Water is undoubtedly the most important thing that nature has given to the living things. Drink plenty of water to overcome fatigue and do not wait till you feel thirsty. Though it might seem strange, but the fact is fatigue is often the result of mild dehydration. Dehydration can slow down the blood flow to the various parts of the body including the brain which then automatically trigger the fatigue button.

At any cost, do not skip breakfast if you want to keep fatigue at bay. The morning supply of food keeps the person active during the most productive hours of the day. Do not allow the children to skip breakfast either because their metabolism rate is even higher than the adults. Breakfast should have enough amount of cereal, a little bit of fat in the form of peanut butter, fresh fruits and milk.

Do not have a meal of high protein or only carbohydrate but balance the two. Often people feel drowsy at the end of the day due to fatigue. Combination of carbs and protein releases tryptophan, tyrosine and norepinephrine which induces calmness and relaxed feeling as well as promotes alertness and attention.

Moreover, divide your calorie intake into five or six smaller meals rather than having them all in two sittings. Eat food rich in iron. Fatigue develops when the brain lacks supply of adequate oxygen. The iron in the iron rich food helps in carrying oxygen to different parts of the body including the brain and that controls the situation.

Finally, caffeine is a great thing to fight fatigue. Just one can of cola drink can generate enough alertness to do a very boring task effortlessly. But do not take excessive caffeine.  More than four or five cups of coffee during the day can cause irritability, disturb your sleep and can actually affect your performance negatively.


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