How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking - Causes of Fear of Public Speaking - How to Deliver a Successful Public Speech | How to - How to SolutionsMany of us get anxious if we have to talk to a group of people. The fear of speaking in public can cause panic attacks, profuse sweating, wobbly feet, shivering of hands, coldness in hands, rapid breathing or dryness of throat. Due to these conditions and restricted feeling, we may not be able to deliver our public speech well.

To overcome any kind of fear, you need to have a strong determination and will power to beat it. If you are ready to make the effort and have supportive people around, it becomes easier to deal with the fear in a better way. Make a decision to face the situation. Do not try to evade the act that causes fear. You will never be able to get over the fear if you do not try and expose yourself to it.

Take up the challenge of speaking in public. Prepare well in advance. The better the preparation, more the confidence; and with confidence you will be able to face the situation courageously. Practise your speech repeatedly. Take note of areas where you get stuck and memorise it.

Practise looking at yourself in the mirror. It will give you a lot of confidence while you speak to the actual public. It will also enable you to make a contact with them rather than watching down constantly.

You can also rehearse with your friends, colleagues or family members. It will give you confidence that you can speak before people. Ask for their honest opinion. Ask them what are the areas you can improve on.

Do not panic when your turn to speak is nearing. Make a conscious effort to calm down and relax. Tell yourself that you will do well and there is no need to worry.

Carry a rough sheet containing points that you will speak on. Even if you suddenly forget what you had to say while you are speaking, do not panic. It is not a big mistake to forget. Do not think you made a fool of yourself. Do not take small omissions very seriously. career-amp-work careers

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