How To Shop For Eco Friendly Products


How To Shop For Eco Friendly Products


How To Shop For Eco Friendly Products - Tips For Buying Eco Friendly Products & Shopping For Eco Friendly Products » Tips To Shop Eco Friendly ProductWith ever increasing concerns about the fallouts of so much pollution and waste produced every day, going green has become not only a responsible but also a cleaner and more preferable option for healthy living. From recycling old clothes and newspapers to opting for clean energy resources, eco friendly alternatives are here to stay.

Choosing to use products that do not put pressure on the environment, or living a more energy efficient life are among the primary concerns of a person who cares about the environment. Hence, for the lover of the environment, using eco friendly products are a must.

However, it is important to realize that while the use of eco friendly products, are a way of smarter and responsible living, not all eco friendly products are created equally. Some of the green options are quite expensive and require other products to function which may at the end of the day not be worth it. This article will elaborate on shopping tips for eco friendly products.

Basics of eco friendly shopping

Firstly, saving energy is an important step in caring about the environment since the world’s energy resources are being constantly depleted. Fossil fuels which are the primary source of energy are non renewable reserves of energy and they will one day be over.

Also, fossil fuels contribute to polluting the environment in many hazardous ways from depleting the ozone layer to creating smog and so on. While one nowadays has the option of using renewable sources of energy like solar power or wind power, these are as yet not accessible for mass consumption and are expensive.

However, if one wants to save the earth’s energy resources and at the same time make way for a cleaner environment, saving energy is the best option. Using public transport as much as possible or completing as many tasks as possible with one outing in the car are some popular ways of conserving energy.

Planning shopping trips in advance and combining several shopping trips together help in saving unnecessary use of energy for several trips of shopping that might be done in one go. The use of hybrid or eco friendly cars is a great way to protect the environment from unwanted fuels that are emitted by ordinary cars.

Also, when going shopping, use eco friendly bags. Shopping bags made of organic fabric or biodegradable fabric is great for this purpose. Using plastic bags is an absolute waste since they are non- recyclable and are not biodegradable. These days the use of plastic bags has reduced a lot and people prefer paper bags or fabric bags to plastic bags.

Shopping for eco friendly products

Natural or organic products are number one on the list of eco friendly products. Natural or organic products are non synthetic substances, which are not only more useful and healthier, they are also easily recyclable. Hence, when shopping, products which come with the labels ‘organic’, ‘natural’ or ‘eco friendly’ fall under this category of eco friendly products.

Such products can range from food items which are produced without the help of pesticides, to cosmetics that are naturally made without chemicals, and many other products. However, one should check for a third party certification stamp of the product as an organic or eco friendly product before buying in order to be sure that that the product is indeed natural and organic.

When buying meat, those that are anti-biotic or hormone free meat fall into the category of eco friendly products. This kind of meat is a lot healthier since it is free from chemicals and hormones used to qualify the meat. Once again, the organic seal or a third party certification must be checked.

While plastic is generally non-biodegradable and not recommended for too much use, there is one variety of plastic, known as Bisphenol-A (BPA) free plastic which is safer to use and does not contain the chemicals found in regular plastic. Hence containers made of BPA-free plastic are good for use. However, it is difficult to know for sure whether the plastic is indeed BPA-free and one must check before storing food in such containers.

Reusable materials are one of the best ideas for going green. Reusable materials make way for less waste products and maximum utilization from one product. As mentioned earlier, reusable bags are a great way to shop. Reusable bags are also cheaper and energy efficient to produce and hence more useful as eco friendly products.

Buying eco friendly fabrics such as organic cotton is a great way to use eco friendly products. Organic cotton is free from carcinogens and is safer fabric to use. These fabrics can be used in a number of ways from furnishings to linen to clothes and so on.

Some final tips for eco friendly shopping

While opting for eco friendly products, one should avoid buying items that are over packaged. From clothing items to plastic items, things that are over packaged are all the more difficult to recycle. Buying foods that are less processed also falls in this category. Over processed food is not only less healthy to consume, it is manufactured in a way that is least eco friendly.

Other way to shop in an eco friendly manner is buying locally. Especially in the case of food and perishable items buying locally is the best option. Another great way is to shop online. When non perishable products are not available locally, then shopping online is a great way to save energy as well as time.

Tips to shop in an eco friendly manner cover not only the different eco friendly products that one can opt for in place of regular products, but also the manner in which one shops can go a long way in contributing for the betterment of the environment as elaborated by the above write-up.

This is a time when we have to realize what immense pressure we create on the earth when we use products which damage the planet and also us. Hence going green is the best option for the environment as well as for us.

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